Makeup tips that will come handy when wearing a face mask

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken up the whole world and while we desperately want this virus to disappear into thin air, for the time being, we will have to adhere to certain safety precautions that are for our own well being. And these precautions include wearing a mask all the time while you’re outside and by looking at the current scenario; we are assuming that wearing a face mask is going to be the new normal. And while we don’t see any such problem with wearing protective masks, it can somehow pose a problem when you have to wear makeup. Since wearing a mask is going to be the new normal for us, we better start looking for ways that can allow us to wear makeup as comfortably as we used to before.
Luckily, we managed to find some ways that will allow you to play with your makeup while you are still wearing these masks.

Divert attention to your eyes

One of the easiest ways for your makeup to shine through your protective mask is to focus the attention on your eyes. While the half of your face will remain hidden under the mask, you can let your makeup do all the talking through your eyes. Instead of creating your favorite black smokey eye look, try adding a pop of colors to your eyes by creating dramatic and fun eye makeup looks. Rainbow and shock shadow eye makeup are trending at the moment, therefore, you can experiment with these looks using fun colors.

Fill and define your eyebrows


Even before there were these protective masks, working on your brows was one of the most crucial steps of your entire makeup. They help to define your face and make it look sharper and now that half your face is going to be covered, it has become more important that you properly fill in and define your brows without making any mistake. Create straight eyebrows with defined and sharp arches and they will help to divert attention from your mask.

Use glitter or diamante for eye makeup

The way you do your eyes is largely going to impact the way you look with your mask and if you are willing to take your eye makeup game one step further then you should make use of a few makeup embellishments that will help to dramatize your eyes and make them look more prominent than before. You can use loose glitter, diamante or other makeup embellishments to make your eyes shine even on the gloomiest days. You can take things to another level by putting on some glitter to your brow as well; this will help to create a more quirky and eye-catching makeup look.

Work on ’em temples

Accentuating your eyes or the brows isn’t the only way to experiment with your makeup. You can also work your way around with the temple area which can be used to amp up your look. Creating a particular eye makeup look can be a tedious job to do on a daily basis and you can save yourself from that hassle by working on your temples. Pick a matte finished blush and apply it on your temples very lightly. After dabbing the blush on your temples, apply a highlighter in the complementing shade to the inner corners of the eye as well as under your brow bone.

Fake eyelashes for the win!!

This is absolutely the right time for you to wear your falsies aka fake eyelashes. Wearing them won’t only help you create a more dramatic eye look but they will also keep things pretty interesting and make you look attractive even if you are wearing the simplest mask. Just make sure that they are properly cleaned before putting them on so that you don’t end up catching a nasty infection.

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