Makeup products you need to add to your office kit

Being worried about your makeup melting or coming off is one thing but carrying your entire makeup kit in your bag is just a whole different thing. And when you’re a working woman, you certainly wouldn’t want to carry this much load in your office bag as firstly there’s no need for it and secondly, even if there’s a need, you don’t have to bring your entire kit with you to your office. Carrying a few everyday use and essential products in your bag would just do the trick and you don’t need to carry extra stuff that you might not be even using all day. But we quite understand that it gets a little confusing for us women to select what all products to carry in the office bag and in the process, we always end up carrying all the makeup products that aren’t even required.
In case, if you’re also struggling with curating a list of makeup essentials for your office bag then here we are to your rescue. You no longer will have to load your office bag with unnecessary makeup products as we have put together a list of all the makeup products that you might need during office hours.


Concealer is one of a kind product and luckily it can come to your rescue in so many wondrous ways. Apart from its innate ability to hide those stubborn dark circles and blemishes, it also can be used to correct your makeup mistakes in case if anything go wrong. You wouldn’t want to show up to a meeting with those puffy eyes and under-eye dark circles and that’s when a concealer comes to your rescue and help you achieve flawless skin in a jiffy.

Brow pencil

Brows can just be the ultimate way to give your face a more defined and prominent look. Brows that are properly filled and made can always win you extra points as it not only defines your features but it also makes you look more confident and sharper. Invest in a good brow pencil that comes along with a spoolie so that you don’t have to carry two different products to achieve the result.


Kohl is one of those products that with just one application can make your eyes look more beautiful and attractive. By swiping some kohl on your waterline, you can instantly make yourself look more dressy and glammed up. If you have a feeling that your eyes need to be worked upon, then by simply applying some kohl to your waterline, you can add the needed drama and glamour to your eyes. Just make sure to invest in a waterproof formula so that it doesn’t get smudged.


A little amount of color on your cheeks will never hurt and when it’s as easy as applying a tiny amount of blush to your cheeks, you certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on this product. Blush gives your face a very healthy glow and those flushed cheeks only work towards giving your face a very natural and gorgeous feel. To ensure that your blush looks natural and not fake, invest in blush that comes with creamy and blendable formula so that it looks very flawless.


Of course, no makeup kit can feel complete without lipstick and as much as you would love to carry all your lipsticks in a bag, we would suggest you to only carry the one that you’re wearing for the day and you can also carry an alternative version just in case you have to switch your look or have to head somewhere straight from the office. You can carry one bold or neutral lipstick with you in your office bag as you can need it anytime. And just one swatch of this product can make you look all jazzed up in no time.

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