Major reasons why your hair feels dry and brittle

Having a bad hair day is one thing, but having hair that feels as dry as a desert is just a lot more troublesome. While you may have your trusty hair conditioner and hydration-boosting serums to rely upon, sometimes, they also don’t seem to work on your crazy strands and leave them looking dull and lifeless. When it comes to dealing with dry hair, the most common instinct is to use a heat styling tool, and as feasible as this option may sound, this isn’t something you should be rooting for as it can leave your locks pretty damaged in the process, and that will only add to the problem. Therefore, instead of piling up more problems and looking for ways to fix this hair disaster, you should try finding the root cause of this problem so that you can put an end to this once and for all.
Figuring out what’s causing your hair to look dry is the first thing you should be doing. And you might be shocked to learn this, but there are quite a lot of reasons that make your hair get drier. Once you have figured out the root cause, you can work on fixing it so that you don’t have to deal with this problem in the future.


Genetics is one of the root causes of your hair feeling extremely dry, and while there’s nothing much you can do about it as it’s your genes that are in question, you certainly can look for ways to make up for the lack of hydration. The best way to do so is by investing in moisturizing hair care products. And while purchasing them, try getting the ones that are specifically formulated for people with severely dry hair. Just make sure to use the products consistently, and they will keep your hair bouncy and super soft all the time.

Heat styling tools

It’s no brainer, heat styling tools are one of the main culprits, and you should have known this by now. No matter how many times you use a hair mask or indulge in deep conditioning sessions every week, if you have been using those heat styling tools regularly, all those efforts you put into keeping your hair moisturized were completely futile. Limiting the use of heat styling tools can help your hair in more ways than you can imagine, it will most certainly help your hair get back to its health.

Hair wash routine

We cannot put enough stress on how important it is to not over wash your hair. Even if you have got oily, greasy scalp, it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to wash your hair very often. When you wash your hair more times than it’s required, it ends up stripping your hair of its essentials oils, leaving your locks dry and lifeless. Most shampoos contain several harsh chemicals, and exposing them to your hair frequently can leave your strands brittle and damaged. Therefore, you shouldn’t wash your hair more than twice a week or thrice at max.

Environmental factors

Environmental factors can be as damaging for your hair as they are for your skin. Sun exposure, low humidity levels, cold winds, and the excessive heat can take a toll on your hair and make it feel severely dry and damaged; however, you can easily prevent that from happening by taking a few precautionary measures. Other than wearing a hat or wrapping a scarf around your head to protect your hair from sun exposure, you can use a heat-protectant spray for your locks to keep them well protected. Also, if you are planning on swimming, make sure to wear a swim cap.

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