Jeans or Shorts Features: Health Body Needs To Look For

Purchasing jean is a casual thing done by all of us. We need normally 4-5 pairs of jeans for an outing. If you have a heavy lower body then, you always would be going for the stretchy jeans. However, there are other small things that you need to consider to make those jeans look made for you. Don’t worry we are not going to ask you to visit a tailor and get yourself a pair of jeans, but we are going to share some tricks that you need to look for while you are purchasing a pair of jeans. You will see how small things make all the difference.


Flared or Boyfriend Jeans

We believe that people who have a heavy thigh and the lower portion is a little slim, skinny jeans often give a weird feeling. Thus, if you have such body type then you must try the flared jean. I personally do share the same body type and rarely prefer the skinny jeans. They project an awkward body structure of a person. Wearing a flared jean you will find how they don’t stress much on your lower leg and gives you an even shape.


Distressed Solid Jeans

Getting distressed jeans can be a task to find, sometimes you get those which have excessive cuts and you don’t like to show the stretch marks of the skin. So what you need to look for in a distressed jean? Firstly you need to see that there are no upper thigh cuts or if the cuts are there then, they have to be really small in size. As when you sit the jean stretches and you lose the grace of the jean. Thus, looking for no cut or probably a small cut will be better as the smaller ones won’t make much of a difference. Other than that go for a solid color in these jeans as various shades bring too much focus.


Big Back Pockets

Indeed if you are purchasing any pair of jeans you must look at the back pockets, how they look on your butt is important to notice. See health people have a big butt and small pocket on a plump butt make your hips look weird. Thus, you need to see carefully that the small pockets aren’t doing anything bad to your body. Go for a big size pocket or maybe an extra-large ones as they will not point out any weird shape on your hip area. I have noticed how these small pockets exaggerate the size of your butts without giving it much of a shape.


White Jeans

Having a pair of black and white jeans is a must. If we talk about white than in the spring or summer season these jeans look fabulous and can be paired with any pattern easily. The white color looks so soothing that you need it for your summer closet. It has been said many times before how black color makes you look thin. Thus, if you keep a black jean in the closet won’t bring you any harm. Keep a pair of black jeans in your closet and you are good with the collection. These jeans could literally be your saver for the day when you have some classic yet casual outing to go to.


High rise button jeans

If you have some extra stomach than this pair of jeans will help you hide the bouncy. There are a minimum five button jeans available in the market, look for them in a not stretchy fabric. The stretch of the jeans pulls out fabric from around the corner of buttons and you will not be able to have a flat surface. However, if you go for a relaxed fit, they give you perfect coverage and hide the bumpy stomach nicely. You can go for various shaded patterns in the jeans the only condition being, it should be a relaxed fit.

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