Ingenious tips to remove eyeliner from your waterline

While creating all different kinds of eye makeup looks can be a lot of fun and exciting, when it comes to taking the entire makeup off, the struggle can be far too real. Nobody enjoys removing makeup, especially when it’s late at night and all you want to do is sleep, but that’s a risk you cannot take at any cost as sleeping with your makeup on can cause so much damage to your skin. Since taking your makeup off is the only option you have, you might as well do it in the right way by removing every bit of it from your face.
As compared to eye makeup, the rest of the face makeup (foundation and lipstick) is a lot easier to take off. While it’s relatively easier to remove your eyeshadow or mascara, when it comes to taking off kohl or eyeliner on the waterline, it can be a way too difficult job as these products can be very stubborn to get rid of. Vigorously rubbing or scrubbing your eyes isn’t the right way to remove eyeliner form your waterline as it can damage your eyes and lashes, instead, you should use the tips we have listed below that will help to remove every bit of eyeliner from your waterline pretty effectively.

Use a Q-tip

Removing your eyeliner from the waterline using a Q-tip is one of the easiest and fuss-free ways to get the job done. All you will need is a Q-tip dipped in either micellar water or an oil-based makeup remover. After that, you can run the tip along your waterline, and since both the products are known to break the makeup particles, the Q-tip manages to pick the product from your waterline without any hassle. This is a pretty effective way to remove eyeliner from your waterline without having to run or scrub your eyes.

Use a little amount of makeup remover

In order to remove the eyeliner from your waterline, you don’t have to use too much makeup remover. The amount won’t make any difference; therefore, using a little amount of makeup remover would be more than enough to get rid of eyeliner even from the tiny areas such as your tear ducts. Additionally, you shouldn’t use a harsh cleanser to cleanse your face as they can cause irritation; instead, look for the one that is mild and gentle.

Makeup wipes won’t help much

Makeup wipes are our go-to product to remove makeup from the face, and as much as we appreciate having this product, it’s not the best option to consider when it comes to removing eyeliner from the waterline. Reaching the nooks and corners of your eyes to get rid of eyeliner is almost impossible, no matter how soft the wipes are. But if these wipes are the only option you have to get rid of makeup, then make sure to follow it up with a gentle cleanser as it will ensure that every bit of makeup and oil has been taken off your skin.

Always start with your eye makeup

When it comes to taking off your makeup, you should always start with your eye makeup and then the rest of your face. This way, you can ensure that you are not transferring the makeup from your face to your eyes, thereby, reducing the chances of eye infection. Start by removing the eyeliner from your waterline and then go ahead with your lids. After removing your eye makeup, you can move on to taking off the rest of your makeup. Follow it up with your cleanser, and you will be good to go.

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