How To Take Care of Your Hands

One skincare mistake that we all are guilty to undergo is often neglecting our hands. We take care of our face, neck, feet but we underlook is our hands. Since most of the chores are carried by our hands thus they need to be pampered. Rough, dry, under-maintained hands don’t look striking at all. Regular exposure to the sun, poor care, and environmental pollution can make our hands look dull, dry, and rough.

Indulging in hand-care is not restricted to moisturizing only but is a lot more ahead of that as it involves some simple and effective care steps too. A proper hand-care can save you from so much embarrassment and not to forget from flaky hands too. Therefore, it’s really important that you devote a few minutes to take care of your most important and hard-working body part.

The feed will provide you with a few simple care tips that won’t require to put in much effort and time. Just regular care and you can get the most beautiful hands that people cannot take off their eyes from.

Refrain Washing your Hands in Hot Water-

The biggest mistake we all do that can never lead us to beautiful hands is using hot water to wash our hands. It’s rule number one to limit the exposure of hands to hot water. Hot water dries your skin and affects the smoothness of your hands. That’s the reason why your hands get so rough instead of feeling supple. No matter what moisturizer or lotion you apply if you are washing them in hot water the whole idea of moisturizing and hydration is a waste.
We would advise you to switch to lukewarm water or cold water. That will help to lock the moisture in your hands for a longer time making it feel soft and supple whenever you touch.

Make Lotion Your Go-To Product-

Wherever you go whether you are at your home or outside working or chilling one thing you really need to carry along with you is a hand moisturizer. You don’t know how wonders constant moisturizing our hands can do in making them beautiful.

Lather your hands throughout the day with lotion it may make you feel a bit possessive with your hands but believe us moisturize and moisturize is the key to get those smooth and supple hands you have been craving since long. Also, you can use fragrance hand moisturizers so that your hands not only look moisturized but also smell nice.

Exfoliate Your Hands-

We exfoliate our face to get rid of dead skin cells but what the majority of you have never done is exfoliate your hands and here is where your game went wrong. There is no need to use a separate scrub for your hands or no need to spare some extra time that you use for your face can be used on your hands too.

When you indulge in weekly exfoliating of your face apply a little extra amount on your hands too. Focus mainly around the cuticles and at the back of your hands as these sides are more prone to the accumulation of dead skin.

Apply SPF Regularly-

Yes, you heard that right. How crucial SPF is for your face likely it is for your hands too. The skin on the back of your hands is very thin and therefore is prone to aging. Moreover, the thinnest layer of skin with constant exposure to the sun without any protection can lead to dark spots.

Applying sunscreen regularly before you step out of your house is the best defense for your hands. This will keep your hands healthy for the long run. Avoiding sunscreen is avoiding the health of your hands that we assume you never want.

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