How To Take Care Of Your Colored Hair

Coloring your hair is an exciting feat. We all love to completely transform our hair and eventually our look but if not maintained properly the color can take a huge toll on the quality and texture of your hair. If not cared the color can damage your hair after all you’re going under a chemical treatment, girls!
It’s good to experiment with your hair, opt for hippie hair colors to spruce the things up but it’s really important to put in some extra efforts so that the chemicals don’t ruin your hair game. Want to know if not cared properly what outcomes can coloring your hair bring? Dry hair locks, hair fall, graying of your hair strands, rough texture, and brittle hair. But, if you take care of your hair properly there is no way you have to face such odds.
So, with these little extra care added in your hair care regime try out different colors- play with dark chocolate or blonde don’t miss the fun this season.
Here are some exciting steps that you should definitely incorporate in your hair care regime once you’ve colored your hair.

Follow The Instructions

Coloring not only changes the color of your hair but also the texture of your hair so it’s vital to listen to what experts guide you. The post care your hairstylist told you while coloring your hair follow that religiously. We often ignore what our hairstylist guides us and hence damage our hair. So, it’s really important to stick to what your stylist told you. Hairstylists are experts who understand your hair type and then guide you hence do not try to overlook what tips and care they advise you.
If you’re following the instructions you will enjoy the coloring process in the long run.

Avoid Using SLS Shampoo

SLS shampoos are not good for your hair but for chemically colored hair these are a big no. Coloring can dry out your hair a bit and when you’ll use SLS shampoo over your slightly dried hair you will see the boost in the dryness of your hair. SLS can strip off the natural oil of your hair and that’s not what we want for our colored-hair. So, rather use a mild shampoo that is free from SLS.
Another great tip would be trying not to wash your colored hair too often as using too much shampoo can strip off the color too.

Oil Your Hair Once A Week

Oiling your hair does a world of good to your hair and you often have heard to oil your hair twice a week. But, it’s not the case when you have colored your hair. Oiling can make your hair color fall light that means oiling can adversely affect the shade of your hair color. So, make sure for two months after the hair color you refrain yourself from using any oil and after that use once a week if you really want the true shade to show up. Instead, to hydrate your hair try using some DIY masks that would be a great substitute to hair oiling.

Do Not Skip Conditioner

The importance of conditioner is second to none. We all know how crucial it is to condition your hair regularly but it becomes even more important when you have chemically colored your hair. Chemically treated hair turns out to be a bit dry so every time you wash your hair, do follow up with conditioning.
Always look for the ingredients that hydrate your colored- hair. Hydration is the key to make your color and hair shine.

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