How To Take Care Of Chemically Treated Hair

Chemical treatments are very common these days. There is hardly any hair that you can’t spot undergone chemical treatment. Rebonding, smoothening, and coloring are very common chemical treatments that we do on our hair. But, we should understand that once our hair has undergone chemical treatment, the care and hair routine changes a lot. It’s not that chemical treatment damages our hair but our negligence and improper care after undergoing a chemical treatment does. So, after having chemical treatment done on your hair you have to take care of your hair even more.
Chemical treatments increase the risk of damaging your hair so if you do not follow a proper hair care routine you will surely damage your hair. In the feed, we have scooped out the best hair care routine for chemically treated hair.

SLS-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

The foremost step in crafting a hair care routine for chemically treated hair is to switch your normal shampoo and conditioner with SLS-Free variants. When you chemically treat your hair, the texture of your hair turns to be a bit dry and hence it’s very important to eliminate harmful chemicals from your hair care. SLS and parabens can dry out your hair hence switch to mild hair cleansers and conditioners that are not infused with chemicals.
Pro-tip- do not over-wash your hair. Make sure you clean your hair twice a week and not more than that.

Deep Conditioning

Every once a week follow a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. Chemical treatments can weaken your roots and it’s very important to apply a deep conditioning mask to strengthen the weak roots. You can opt for a deep conditioning mask available in the market or can also make a home-made deep conditioning mask. We would suggest you opt for home-made versions of deep conditioning as it is all-natural and free from any harmful chemicals and is even light on your pocket.
Yogurt + Honey
Banana + Coconut Oil
Egg White Mask + Olive oil
These are a few effective home-made deep conditioning masks that you can opt for.

Regular Hair Spa

When you chemically treat your hair it becomes very important that you regularly go for a hair spa. Hair spa helps to strengthen your hair, adds shine and luster, and even treats any hair-fall caused because of chemical treatment. If you don’t feel comfortable visiting the saloon more frequently just for a hair spa you can also relish a hair spa at home.
We understand it’s not possible to visit a salon just for a hair spa and hair spa can cost you huge shells each time so you should opt for a hair spa at home. It works equally well.

Protect Your Hair From Pollution And Sun

When you chemically treat your hair it becomes very important to protect your hair from the harmful rays of sun and pollution. Regular exposure to sun and pollution can damage your hair making them dry and frizzy. Thus, whenever you step out in the sun make sure you wrap your hair so that the strands remain protected from the harmful rays and pollution.

Follow Your Stylist’s Instructions

When you go for a chemical treatment your stylist tells you certain do’s and don’ts that you need to follow for your new hair. The hairstylist understands your hair and thus guides you with the best possible care hence make sure you always listen to what your stylists tell you and not only listen also follow his/ her advice.
Also, make sure you oil your hair once a week.

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