How to Style Your Wrist for Different Events?

Inarguably we are talking about watches; we prefer to wear every day. It is subtle yet graceful for an everyday look to a black-tie event. However, you can possibly not wear a similar work watch to these events. There has to be some difference in the watches with the occasions. Styling a watch for every dress-up is possible but you should know which watch has to be worn when. Well, you are smart ladies and know how to add on accessories with your dress. Still, we will be glad to help in this case. Presenting the watches every woman ought to have without further due.
Fitness watch
Naturally, this watch will not look good with a suit, yet you need this watch to keep a check of your daily health. Pair this with your everyday sport look. This will check your health records. These days we are so much indulged in our professional lives that we hardly pay any attention to our physical well beings. Self-care is equally important thus, you need to invest in a smart fitness watch. This will track your everyday moments along with, the steps you have walked, how many calories have you burnt. These days these watches come with such innovative technology that, it tracks the water deficiency in your system and reminds you to get the water into your system.

Traditional watch

The traditional watches are the leather strap watches perfect for a black-tie event. Earlier people were thought to be rude if you walked into these events wearing a watch. The reason being one shouldn’t bother about the time when he/she is in the company of elite people. Well, there are certain measures that are to be taken nowadays even while dressing up for an elite party. The watch shouldn’t be to glamour to take all the attention of the people. It should be a formal watch, wore in the non-dominating hand, and doesn’t take too much attention. The beaded watches shine, thus not a good option.

Evening Watch Or Office Watch

Plain stainless steel or other metal watches which is classy yet nothing over the top. These day watches have such complicated dial designs, that people are confused to see the time in the watch. Thus, you need to be sure that you don’t invest in these expensive complicated dial watches. Go for some basic one, telling you the time which day is it, the second hand or what is the time according to a 24 hours watch? Since it is your work watch this, you will be looking at it more often, make sure you clean it from time to time and maintain its shine as new. The stainless steel watches come in so many shades, you can keep them in some of the basic colors such as silver and golden, wear them with your suitable outfit.

Wedding Watches

Ladies, the world is changing slowly. Earlier watches were boys wedding accessories and us girls had to go for those expensive pearly bracelets. Not anymore, every renowned watch brand has launched a series of watches that look like bracelets but have those watch dials to it. Well, if you are going for these there are certain things that you should probably keep in mind. Firstly, the size of the watch is must consider, you need to go for those watches which have small dials, and big dials will certainly not look like accessories. Secondly, the metal in these watches should be minimal or if not minimal then should be painted. The hefty bracelets are expensive and have no warranty life, whereas these watches come with a fixed warranty. You can easily send them for repair if lost a bead or two.
I am a person who couldn’t think of leaving home without a watch and when I had to compromise of leaving my watch back home and stepping out with those sparkly wrist bands. I used to feel something is missing in my attire. I personally am relieved with this beautiful revolution of watches. One thing you need to account while going for a watch purchase is you should never settle for an everyday watch. It is something that will set on your hand for life and will offer you comfort forever.

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