How to Style A Summer Scarf Gracefully

If there’s one accessory that is often underlooked in warm weather, is for sure has to be a scarf. We put so much effort into styling sandals, statement jewelry, and bags that we undergo how much change a scarf can bring to the whole look of the outfit. We keep it reserved for colder season unknowingly that you can play with it in warm weather too. It’s one such piece that can be styled with anything and can instantly spice up your look without putting in much effort. Don’t know why you girls don’t play with it much!

It is the most versatile way to revive your existing wardrobe picks for the warmer season coming ahead. Though many accessory pieces come with their set of do’s and don’ts to dress up but a scarf is one such piece that has no limits or set rules of how to dress it up. You can have fun with it the way you want. So, we assume until now you know scarf can be your staple piece too but probably you’re not sure of how to style it, you are on the right feed.

From using it to refresh your outfits to making your hair game stronger with scarf this summer season we will tell you different ways in which you can style the scarf and sizzle the blazing season. So, let’s begin beauties.

Team it up with a Casual Tee-

The most effortless and fun way to wear a scarf is to team it up with a casual tee. Wearing a casual tee can be a bit usual and you can add a fashion cred to the basic tee outfit and spice up the complete look by wrapping a scarf around your neck. Even in the normal tee, you can look stylish and voguish, and when you don’t have to spend hours in achieving that voguish woman vibe.

If you’re short of formal clothes, you can even make the casual tee work as your office outfit by just layering a scarf over. Stash scarf in diverse styles, patterns, and fabrics so, that every time you can come forth with a fresh look.

Pair Scarf with a Fun Dress

To achieve a super-chic look pair a long plain silk scarf with a fun printed dress and here you’re walking the streets in 90’s elegant and chic vibe. Loop it twice your neck and knot it from the front and let the ends dangle beautifully. Here, you have a perfect daytime style to rock in.

The Head Wrap-

A scarf is not just to zing up your outfits but you can also use the oh-so-versatile piece to beat the humidity. The scorching sun is not so tempting in the warmer season with our hair just not in the mood to date with the season. The best way to deal with frizzy hair is to wrap it up with style or use it as the headband.

Wrapping your hair will not only keep humidity at bay and make hair a slight manageable but a wrap of an audacious printed scarf will inflect your summer outfit. A scarf can prove to your best hair accessory this season.

 Neckerchief Style-

Let’s break from the long style scarf and layer your outfits with a more exciting and rock-bae style. Neckerchief style is a bit ignored style of a scarf but on days when you want to look somewhat different from your usual tone wrap a neckerchief style and cast a blithe flavor.
If you are wearing a deep neck t-shirt or dress this style can be great cover-up girls! Knot a neckerchief style around your neck, creating an instant change in your look. Experimenting with fashion pieces is a playful job.

So, here were some fun and elegant ways to wear a scarf in the warmer season. We have brought forward an exclusive style-code of pairing scarf with almost every wardrobe piece of yours. You can always pick any scarf styling formula and team it up the way you prefer.

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