How To Make Your Hair Oil Routine More Powerful

We all know how much important hair oiling is for our mane! We mean even if you have the most effective and expensive hair care there are no substitutes for hair oiling. Not only hair oiling boost blood circulation but also helps in growing your tresses and reversing the hair damage. But least of us know that you can make the powerful hair oil routine more powerful and that is 10x powerful.
In the feed, we’ll be telling you some ingredients that you can add to your hair oil and increase its benefit ten times.
But before that make sure whatever ingredient you choose to, soak it in the hair oil for about a week before applying it to your hair. Thus, the benefits of the ingredients get fully immersed in the hair oil.
So, let’s get started!

Fenugreek Seeds

This one is readily available in our kitchens and is filled with a lot of hair benefits. If you have dry, itchy scalp prone to dandruff this ingredient will help you fight all scalp-related issues without drying your tresses.
Fenugreek Seeds are a rich source of Folic Acid and Vitamins A, K, and C.
Soak this in your hair oil for a week in an air-tight container and after one week apply it to your hair like you apply your normal hair oil.

Curry Leaves

Another gem from your kitchen shelves is the curry leaves. Not only the curry leaves enhances the flavor of a dish but is also infused with magical hair growth benefits. If you’re dealing with hair growth problems this one is a must addition to your hair oiling routine. Not only it boosts the stagnant hair growth but also helps in making your mane more manageable.
Make sure you’re using fresh curry leaves and not the dry ones. As you have to soak it for one week in the hair oil.

Black Seed

Black seed is known to fight scalp irritation and induce strength. So, if you have weak roots and you notice a lot of hair fall, this is what you need. When diluted with hair oil and kept for about a week it helps in making your hair strong, healthy, soft, and hydrated.
Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a great pick for the dry and itchy scalp as it soothes flakiness and scalp sensitivity. Highly recommended!

Gooseberry Powder

The magical ingredient used for ages to solve all hair related problems is Gooseberry Powder. It aids hair growth, boosts hair immunity, helps in dealing with scalp-related problems, and makes your tresses strong and shiny.
There are two ways to make this ingredient work with your hair oil. One is to use Gooseberry fruit and one is to use it in the powder form.
Cut the gooseberry fruit into small pieces and soak it in the hair oil for about a week. Or add one tablespoon of gooseberry powder to 50 g hair oil and soak it for about one week.


Another magical hair ingredient is the Soapnuts. It’s the most widely used hair care ingredient in Asia and for all the wonders it does to your mane. It is known to cure all hair related problems in the quickest time. Dealing with baldness? Try this out. Suffering from dandruff? Soapnuts are your ideal pick. Want to grow hair? All your hair problems have one solution and this is it, Soapnuts.
Soak the Soapnuts Powder in the hair oil for about a week and use it as normally you do.

So, these were a few ways you can make your hair oil more powerful. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help.

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