How to Hide the Tummy with Your Dressing?

So, the tummy bump can really make you feel that you are not good looking. It can make you feel embarrassed and it can be the reason that you lose confidence in yourself. Well, it is really something which we can avoid and cannot avoid at the same time, due to the prevailing situation in our lives. Well, since we cannot do much about the circumstance we can try to make you feel better about yourselves through our further mentioned guide. So, let’s begin on that note what can you do about the stubborn tummy fat which is not leaving your body. Worrying will not solve the issue you will have to work on it a little by little, and for the time our tips will help you out.

Body Skimming Tops

Wearing a top that is loose from top to bottom seems to be the choice of the ladies who are going through the face of a heavy tummy. Well, the thing you are doing wrong here is that instead of hiding the tummy area you are hiding all the body curves. This makes you look fatter than you actually are, because the loose top is presenting your figure in that manner. Clothing makes a lot of difference. Wearing a top that has a fit on the top and loose from the tummy area is the ideal choice for you. These can be easy to locate and you don’t have to hide your womanly curves behind the clothing.

Shoulder Details

Be it any body shape, you can wear the broad shoulders. Basically, the broad shoulders will create the optical illusion where your body upper will be seen wider than the lower region. You can look for shoulder details like puffy sleeves or some extra fabric around the shoulder which is making your shoulders seem wider than usual. If you have a rectangle or a flat body shape then you meant to do this more often. These detailing will make your tummy or waist look thinner than it actually is. It gives you the hourglass shape that everyone seeks.

Ruching Tops

The next you can have is some big bold waistline belt design or there is a faux wrap around the bust. These designs will make your body look thinnest in the area and hide the problem. You can look for an empire waistline top. These basically hit the underbust area and then they have a flowing material. This way you get to hide the tummy and try on some loose comfortable clothing. Ruching is another similar pattern that you can try. It is like some fabric is gathered just below the bust and making your tummy hide behind. Since we have talked of the patterns you need to look for the proper length. If you have a tummy that is heavy from the top and not the bottom then you have to see the detailing and work with the right size and length. Keeping all these in mind while you are looking for a blouse or top which get you a nice body-friendly top.

Fabric Choice

Choosing the right fabric is another must pay attention point for you. You need to look at the fabric which is not flowing because flowy materials do give us volume and we have to hide the volume around not add more in this case. Ensuring that the material of the blouse that you are purchasing is stiff is something that you need to have in mind. Fabric-like linen and cotton are extremely good options for summer clothing as they are light in weight, have structure, and are airy. It wouldn’t let you will feel that you are constrained in a piece of clothing. You can look for tee as well if you have a heavy bust area. The loose tee will prove to be of help.

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