How To Exfoliate Your Face The Correct Way

Have you tried scrubbing your face but just ended up ruining your skin? Well, this feed will tell you how to exfoliate the face without ruining it. Stay tuned!
Why Scrubbing?
Before we proceed onto the right steps associated with face scrubbing let’s know why to scrub? Our skin has the ability to shed its topmost skin regularly but as we grow the natural process of shedding breaks, therefore, we need to regularly scrub our skin to get rid of the accumulated dead skin cells leading to the generation of new cells and smooth glowing skin.
Thus it is really important to scrub your face and it becomes even easier when you identify what scrub type suits your skin. There are two types of exfoliation related to face scrubbing-
• Physical Scrubbing
• Chemical Scrubbing
In this feed, we’ll be discussing the correct steps related to physical scrubbing. So, let’s just focus on physical scrubbing.

What Is Physical Scrubbing?
Since the feed covers physical scrubbing. Let’s discuss what physical scrubbing exactly is. Physical scrubbing is the usage of granules or physical tools to physically scrub all the dead skin cells. Physical scrubbing works only on the top layer of the skin and just works on getting rid of mild blackheads and dead skin cells.
Let’s move on the right steps related to scrubbing your face.

Start with Clean Face-

No matter what type of scrubbing you are doing whether chemical or physical always start with a clean face. The unclean face is breeding ground of dirt and grime that can get even worse when you scrub your face as scrubbing open the pores of the skin and the dirt and grime get clogged into the open pores resulting in a fair share of problems. Hence, it’s really important to wash your face before starting with any type of scrubbing.

Take Your Favorite Scrub-

The next step is how to basically scrub your face. Take a dollop amount of face scrub on your clean palms and rub your palms to warm up the scrub granules. Apply onto your damp face working gently in a circular motion.
When working on the cheeks put a slight pressure and move in small, circular, and gentle strokes and scrub for not more than one second. Repeat the same process of scrubbing onto to your T-zone but slightly increasing the time because that’s the most clogged part of your face. Make sure to keep your movements as light as possible after all it’s your skin and you don’t want to ruin it, do you?

Pat Dry Your Face-

After a good one minute scrubbing your face, rinse your face with lukewarm water and avoid hot water as a freshly scrubbed face can get irritated by hot water. After that again rinse your face with cold water to close the open pores of the skin that got opened while scrubbing.
Pat face dry and rub an ice cube onto your face that will help you to get rid of the redness that could happen while scrubbing.

Apply Moisturizer-

The next step comes, applying moisturizer and do not dare to skip that. Even if you’re an oily or dry skin applying moisturizer is the most necessary step after scrubbing your skin. As exfoliation is always drying for the skin and applying moisturizer will help in proving hydration to the dry skin making your skin feeling not so stretchy.

So, that was all you need to know while scrubbing your face. We would recommend you to scrub your face once or twice a week and not more than that as over-scrubbing can damage your skin.

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