How to Dress Glamorously In the Black Blazers?

Black blazers are the key element of every winter wardrobe. If you are working in a corporate or government sector then you are aware of the importance of the black blazers. These are a necessity; you can pull them anytime you are feeling doubtful. We have various sizes in these black blazers but which are we going to talk about is a waistline size. If you have purchased or planning to get a tailor stitched blazers then here is an advice that you must follow. You need to look for the length of the blazer it should not look inappropriate on you. It should have the perfect curves where required. Lastly, the length on the sleeves should be just until the wrist. If you’re wearing a wrist covering a blazer and then you are not heading for the wrong size.

Dress with a Blazer

You can pair any dress with black blazers. To style a blazer for a formal occasion, you can wear a black blazer with a knee-length dress. You can wear a neutral tone dress with a black blazer. This can be a perfect dress for the night out; as well as, a regular office party. Style it with boots for chilly winters, or you can wear high heels for the summers or regular day. It can be your dress for an important day at work because it is a perfect manner to look perfect. If you style it with a sling you are adding the elegance to this dress.

Collar Shirt

The next best thing to wear with the black blazer is to wear a collared shirt with wide-leg pants. This can be another office day look. It will look completely different from the previous one. It can be your everyday office look or when you know you don’t have to be on toes all day. This outfit needs you to style a black pencil or block-high heels with it. You can wear the bell-bottoms with this upper setting, it will look equally well. However, with wide-leg pants, you get the option of styling it with low heels but the bell-bottom must be worn with high heels only. Lastly, you can carry a structured bag with an outfit to look total office-ready.

Black tee

Now, this is a monochromatic look for any physics. This can be everyday office look to get dressed in this look you need to wear a black shirt or tee inside the blazer. If you wear a tee inside it can be a regular office look. However, if the tee is replaced by a shirt then you can wear this look for a meeting where you will not be the center of attraction. It is an impressive form of styling but is it quite a common form of dressing. People generally dress all black to look slim and you don’t want others to think that you don’t appreciate your body. You can wear black wide-leg pants and style it with a sling or structure handbag. Since you will not be on toes for this meeting try to wear high heels.

Solid Mini Dress

We all have seen the mini dresses. And to style a mini dress with your blazer you will need to cover the legs otherwise you cannot look impressive for office. You can wear black pantyhose for summer or wear black leggings during the winter. This dress can look impressive only with high pencil heels because your head to toe structure is in a sleek manner and then the block or wedges for the toes will not compensate with the upper look. This can be an office look or a girl’s hangout look. Wear the mini with pantyhose and top it with this blazer. You are ready to rock the world.

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