How to Do Salon-Like Nails Impeccably Right With No Streaks At Home

Do you face a hard time painting your nails at home! Every time you decide on to color your nails with the trendy nail paint color you tend to mess up the game. Well, applying nail polish is not an art but certainly requires utmost precision. Professionals know how to get that notoriously right on your nails but, it’s nothing you can’t achieve at home. The false attempts can’t make you give up from wearing those cute nail paints, all you need to do is just follow the proper guide and you can crack the code of salon-like mani at home.

Nail paint streaks, uneven application, color budging onto the sides of our nails, non-lasting nail colors are a few problems we face when we follow nail coloring at home. You don’t need to invest in expensive formulas to make your nails effective or the nail paint to last long. Just, right steps and you can get the salon nails on a dime too.

So, next time you go for a home-attempt, here are a few sterling tips that will help you coat your nails with the true color and no streaks. So, grab your favorite color, and let’s get started.

Clean Slate-

The double layer of nail color doesn’t look striking at all. Already applied rotten nail color with the new coat is not a nice combination. So, before starting with the attempt make sure you clean your nails. It’s really important to get rid of any under nail paint, oil residue, and dust that can disrupt the smooth finish of the current nail paint session.

Make sure you clean your nails before the first coat. All you need to do is wash your nails with a polish remover that will act as a nail cleanser in this step.

Choose the Right Shade

Not many of us know that nail paint selection too depends on the shade tone of your skin. It’s not necessary that what color your friend has applied will suit you. Like the foundation shade nail shades too depend on the skin tone but unlike the former, you don’t need to follow the shade tone so strictly.

If you love to go for nude shades, we would like to advise you to go one or two shades lighter or darker than your actual tone otherwise the color won’t show. Go for brighter shades if you are fair tone and for subtle colors, if you’re dark tone on the other hand medium tone can go with both.

Do Tape- Hack-


We all have tapes; it’s nothing you won’t find at your comfort space. Before starting with the first coat make sure you draw fencing around the sides of your nails with the help of tape. Cut the tape into small pieces that easily guard your nail sides. Apply it to the nails sides and then proceed with the first coat. This way you will make sure there is no spread out of nail color onto the sides or fingers.

Always Start with Base Coat-

If you are into salon-like nails at home base coat is no skip. The base coat will help the color to last for a longer span. We often wash our hands or indulge in works that make us to put our hands in water which affects the longevity of the nail color. The base coat helps in holding the nail color for a longer period.

So, make sure the first coat on your nails should be of a transparent base coat to avoid any nail paint streaks.

Work Stroke by Stroke-


The cardinal rule of applying nail polish flawlessly is coating it stroke by stroke. The biggest mistake you undergo that results in streaks is applying the next coat without actually drying the initial coat already applied. Make sure you don’t go over the surface four times just to make it smooth as actually, you’re doing nothing to make it smooth but doing a lot to streak the nail polish off. Two strokes are enough to get the true color onto your nails.

Make sure you finish it off with a base coat to protect the color from shedding fast.

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