How to create perfect beachy waves?

There are only a few hairstyles that can look flattering on all, and beachy waves are certainly one of them. Just ask any girl, and they certainly won’t stop raving about how incredible this hairstyle is. This hairstyle has a certain appeal to it, which works wonderfully for almost everyone. And no matter where you are heading, it can be carried anytime, anywhere. Whether hitting the beach or not, beachy waves are one of those selected hairstyles no person can ever go wrong with. If you cannot come up with any other hairstyle or there were some last-minute change of plans and you’re running a bit late, you can always stick with beachy waves, which can be created in a matter of a few minutes. No matter if it’s a formal event or just a casual one; you can always turn to beachy waves to up the glam quotient.
When it comes to creating beachy waves, the results can slightly differ from the way you are used to seeing it on your favorite celebs. But not anymore, to make it easier for you, we have created a step-by-step guide that will help you to ace the perfect beachy waves every time.

Step 1

First things first, it’s important for your hair to look super voluminous for the beachy waves to appear amazing and perfect. Creating it on flat hair might night produce the same results, therefore, before you start to create the waves, make sure to add a generous amount of volumizing spray to your tresses and scalp, which will instantly make your hair look lifted and volumized.

Step 2

Now the next step is two divide your hair into two sections. You will have to divide your mane into two horizontal sections, and it’s important to follow this step. Keep the lower section of your hair loose and the upper section tied in a bun or secured by a pin.

Step 3

Now comes the part where you will start curling your hair. You will first begin with the lower section of your mane, take a small portion of your hair and start curling it very slowly. Also, make sure that you have the right barrel size to ensure that you achieve the desired results. For instance, if you have pretty thick locks, you should use a barrel that is 1.5 inch in size, whereas, if you have thin tresses, a one-inch barrel would make for an ideal choice.

Step 4

A good role of thumb is that you should always start curling your hair from around the ears and not right from the top. Curls and beach waves are totally different from each other, and it’s important that you follow this step the right way or else, all your efforts will be gone to vain. Take tiny portions of your hair and start curling them using a barrel one by one. After twisting your hair around the barrel, hold it for a few seconds. Now twist it again around the barrel but on the alternate side. You will have to repeat this step for each section of your hair.

Step 5

Now that you have dealt with the trickiest and most crucial part, it’s time to set your hair in place and keep those curls from opening. For this job, you will need a hair setting spray. Before you apply it to your hair, make sure that it has completely cooled off. Spritz a generous amount of hair setting spray all over your tresses as a finishing touch. Doing so won’t only make your beachy waves intact but will also keep your curls from opening.

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