How to Choose the Color that Matches Your Skin Tone?

All of us know how colors make a difference in an individual’s persona. We might like a deep royal blue color however; it won’t match our skin tone and make us look dull. We think maybe our make-up is off or maybe it’s another day when you couldn’t really be able to dress in a fabulous outfit. We truly never blame the outfit as we purchased it. So you try the outfit a few times before really giving up on it. Well, girl if it doesn’t suit your undertone its better you give it up rather than storing in your closet. It might look good on other people, therefore donate rather than dumping. So, before we begin which color suits whom, we will first like to discuss how you can judge our skin tone, and then which colors we need to plan the wardrobe.

How to test the skin tone or undertone?


We all have visible veins around our wrist. Some of us have dark blue veins, and some of us have are more green. However, some of us have them in a merged skin tone where you cannot really tell if they are blue or green. So what do these colors tell? If you have a blue tone you are more likely to fall on the cool tone and if you have the green you fall in warm skin tone. There are for sure other methods to try as well, such as the metal test. If the skin is more likely to accept gold then; you most definitely have a warm skin tone. In case, your skin responds well to silver jewels then; you have a cool skin tone. Now, people with both shades of blue and green veins, you have a neutral skin tone. Similarly, when your skin accepts both metals you fall in a neutral skin tone.
Now, you know your skin tone. Let’s begin with the colors for various skin-tones. One more thing your make-up and hair color also fall in a warm and cool category so you can color your hair in the skin tone; thereby, you would get one tone, making your styling easier.

Warm Tone

The hues of colors that fall into a warmer category are yellow, red, orange, and vibrant green such as the trending olive green. You can try out some mixture of dark and light colors such as purple with pinks like magenta, strawberry, and punch. These colors have a warm texture. You like wearing neutrals then, you can bond with colors such as eggshell it’s not completely white but, has a hint of creaminess to it. The ecru white or blush pink can be the color you. If we talk about a big no, no to colors is blue. Blue is a cool color, if you like blue then you can play with it in your accessories.

Cool tone

Cool skin tones are most likely to play with all blues and snowy texture clothing colors. These people can fall for jasmine white or snowy blue in neutrals. You can go for all major pastels, which have begun more in popularity over the past few years. You should not try a solid true color such as a true orange and yellow. However, if you wear a true red it can come out flawless. A total nude shade is a complete no go look for you as it will just not pop up with your skin.

Neutral tone

With God’s grace every color suits you people however, neutral lean on more towards a tone some time such as neutral but warm or neutral but a little cold. So you can just go with the side that you feel pleasure. Now, every color looks amazing on you but some exceptional one can be peach, hot pink, dark grey. These will enhance the way you look and you will just be adorable. As I specified earlier, your hair color and make-up do play a part in the final look. So if your hair is dyed in a warmer shade than you must stick with the warmer color tones.

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