How to apply foundation in 5 different ways

Your base is the key to making your makeup look flawless. And since your foundation plays the key role here, you cannot afford to go wrong with the base, or else it would end up ruining the entire look. Other than picking the right formula and shade of the foundation, it’s imperative to apply foundation the right way. Based on how you have applied your foundation, the coverage, finish, and overall evenness of your look can vary. When it comes to applying the foundation, every person has a different way of doing it. Depending on what way works best for them or their skin, they can use that technique to apply the foundation. Your foundation can be applied in not one, not two, but in total 5 different ways that vary from each other in their application technique. If you are curious to learn about all the techniques, keep scrolling below.


Some people find it way too convenient to use their fingers to apply the foundation. It is one of the easiest methods to apply the foundation and is mostly preferred for everyday application. Your fingers are your best tool, use them, and create the magic, just make sure to wash your hands before so that you don’t transfer the dirt onto your skin. Applying foundation using fingers provide very sheer and light coverage; in addition to that, they also blend the product seamlessly into your skin, making the base look natural. After dotting the foundation over your entire face, blend it into your skin in a tapping motion.

Stippling brush

When it comes to applying liquid foundation, using a stippling brush is possibly the best thing to do. After you are done applying the foundation on your face, take your stippling brush and start moving your brush lightly in a circular brush. This will help to blend the foundation evenly, and since these stippling brushes come in duo-fibers, they help to make your foundation look even and smooth.

Beauty blender


Applying your foundation using a beauty blender is arguably one of the most popular and preferred ways to achieve a flawless base. The best part about this tool is it makes the application of foundation in certain areas a lot easier, such as your hairline, under-eye area, etc. It works the best when it’s damp, it helps to blend the product into your skin and doesn’t even absorb or waste your foundation. Make sure that you don’t drag the beauty blender across your face, bounce it off instead to make sure it gets blended nicely.

Flat foundation brush

A flat foundation brush is another kind of brush you can use to apply your foundation. It also helps in making your base look seamless and even. Using a flat brush, glide the foundation on your face in downward strokes. Apply it evenly on your face as well as your neck, and after you are done doing that, make sure to tap the foundation using the same brush. Don’t skip this tapping part as it is the key to making your foundation look even and flawless.

Powder brush

Although it is a powder brush, it can be used to apply the foundation as well. If you are looking to achieve a more natural finish using your high coverage foundation, you can use this brush to achieve the kind of finish you want. Apply a tiny amount of foundation on parts of your face that need some coverage, using a powder brush, spread the foundation on your face and neck in downward strokes. In addition to providing sheer coverage, this application technique will also keep your foundation from looking cakey.

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