How to Achieve Monochromatic Makeup Look

It becomes quite intriguing to create a look based around one single color. The lip, eye, and cheek are painted with the same color family. We all are habitual to play with colors when it comes to creating a makeup look and gluing your entire look with only one color in the monochromatic makeup is really a big initiative for us.
Before moving ahead let us spread some light on what actually a Monochromatic Makeup look is all about? When your eye, lip, and cheek shades are reserved in similar color family or when your eye, lip and cheek color compliments your outfit, you have achieved your makeup in a Monochromatic style. Monochrome makeup look is a hassle-free as you won’t have to think differently for your eye, lip, and cheek area. Just decide on a single color and you can effortlessly create your monochromatic look. For the naive makeup doers it’s a really easy and time-saving look. Heading for a party and you want to be on time, this look is your bookmark.
Here, we have listed a few tips that will help you to get your desired monochrome makeup look flawlessly.

Pick the Shade-

The foremost step in achieving a monochrome makeup is deciding on the shade. You can choose any shade that suits your skin tone. For a more feminine look you can go for a pink monochrome. Pink shades look bold, slightly easy to work with, and spectacular. You can lean towards any shade from the pink family, warmer, coral-toned pink, or more blue-based pink whichever pink color fond gal you are.
For a more modern look you can pick shades from orange and peachy tones. And for oh-so 90’s versatile monochrome you can surely stick to browns and taupes and play safe with your look.

Begin with Lips-

After you have done with your base and you are heading towards attaining a monochrome, start with your lips first. Choose the lip shade you are going to apply for the monochrome style. If you want to get a softer look just press the color into your lips with the fingers and spread that to the outer edges of your lips. For a bolder look you can use the bullet and blot technique and here you have paved for a sharper monochrome.
Starting with lips will give you the exact idea of how much you have to work on your eye. So, its better you start with the lips first.
Move on the Cheeks-

After doing with lips the next area to work on is your cheeks. Take the same colored lipstick you have applied on your lips and dab it onto the apple of the cheeks. This is the best way to achieve a monochrome look with a multitasking single product. Make sure to blend the color properly and there are no harsh traces of color left. When applying lipsticks as a blush blending is the key. And after that take a liquid highlighter and press that gently on the apple of the cheeks where you have applied the lip color.

Finish it off with the Eyes-

Layer your eye lids with a concealer so that you can start with an even base. Take the same lip color you have used on the lips and cheeks on the eye lids. Press the color gently onto the eyelids taking it to the outer corners. Make sure you are blending it properly to even out the entire monochrome look. Finish your look by adding two or three coats of mascara and that will instantly pop up the entire shade of your eye.

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