How is a wooden comb beneficial for your scalp and hair?

Just when we seem to have made peace with the fact that some hair care products can be very damaging for our precious locks, and we should steer clear of these potentially harmful agents, another revelation has hit us hard. All this while when we were busy blaming those toxic chemicals and artificial ingredients present in our hair care products, a few other things were scheming against our hair, and they were potentially as harmful as any other chemical-laden products. Wondering what those things are? Your conventional combs and brushes. Yes, you heard that right, your conventional combs and brushes are one of the main culprits for damaging your hair.
These conventional tools can cause enough damage to your hair, and if that wasn’t enough, they can cause some damage to your scalp too. Well, it’s pretty hard to come to terms with this fact, it’s for a greater cause, and you’ll be doing your hair some good by replacing these conventional brushes and combs with wooden combs and brushes. And the best part about these wooden tools is they are extremely beneficial for the overall health of your hair and scalp, and if that excites you, you might want to hear about all the amazing things it can do to your hair.

Feels very gentle on the scalp

Wooden combs are extremely gentle on the scalp. Unlike conventional combs that are made of synthetic material which can be harsh and damaging for your scalp, these wooden combs are much gentler, and they massage your scalp amazingly well. The wooden bristles on these combs target your acupuncture points, and that further improves the circulation of blood to the scalp area. In addition to promoting hair growth, they also distribute the scalp oil evenly.

Conditions your hair

Your scalp produces enough oil to be distributed to your hair evenly. However, there are times when your scalp is generally oily, but your hair appears extremely dry. This is when your wooden comb comes to use and does its magic. When you run a wooden comb through your hair, it helps to distribute the oils produced by the scalp evenly along each strand. The wooden bristles have the ability to absorb the oil from your scalp, and that’s how it makes your hair appear glossier and shinier. Additionally, it keeps your roots from looking greasy, which is another great advantage.

Prevents hair loss and breakage

If you are dealing with major hair loss or your hair is prone to breakage, you must be frightened by the idea of combing your hair. Using plastic combs to detangle your hair can make things worse since they have more cramped bristles. On the contrary, wooden combs have wider bristles, and it’s a very well known fact that you should always try brushing your hair using a wide-toothed comb since they are known to cause zero to minimal damage. Wooden combs glide through your hair very easily, and that’s not it, they also detangle your hair with minimal effort and without causing any strain on your mane.

Prevents dandruff

Another great advantage of using a wooden comb is its ability to prevent nasty dandruff. Nobody likes dealing with those white flakes on the scalp that keeps making appearances on our clothes as well. Your scalp can be a pretty sensitive area, and you must be very careful around it. Conventional combs can be pretty damaging for your scalp, not only they can cause irritation but scalp infection as well. Therefore, you should use wooden combs as they are made from the bark of some amazing trees that help in keeping dandruff at bay.

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