How Can You Style Short Blunt Hair?

Having short blunt hair is modish. This hairstyle suits all face shapes and we have got many styles in it, like the blunt bob, asymmetrical bob, etc, etc. these are a few of the styles that come in short hair. Since the hair is short it can be styled in just a simple way of leaving them open. However, we all have different textured hair and you can have styles that play along for every hair. It is suggested that you must keep them straight all the time when you have shorter hair. The reason behind keeping them straight is that they can be transformed into multiple ways in the open style. So let’s talk about it in detail.

Clear Sleek Hair

To have this look you need to make your hair part in the center and then brush them in a smooth look. You need to see that the hair is all brushed up nicely and they are sleek. If you have some natural bounce to your hair then you may have to add some of the hair sprays to make them stay put. Now, sometimes the baby hairs fall apart here and there. Well, hair setting spray is your go-to goal. Besides if you feel the center isn’t working well for your face then you can go for a slightly off-center as it looks like you have parted ways from the center only. It is a plain look and messier hair ends will not look good. Therefore, keep your hair detangled all the time.


This style is when you are planning on growing your hair a little. It is again a sleek look. If you feel your hair will look better, if they are pulled all back then you can pull your hair back and tie them using a clear band. Otherwise, if you feel that the pull-up look will not be good then part your hair from the center or slightly off-center. Make sure they are looking clean and smooth from the top to the bottom. Now, you can wear a fancy tie band over it. But already the length is quite short to draw attention to any stud will be pointless. So keep it simple and pull the hair back. Now, naturally, your bangs will not reach the ponytail so use bobby pin where there are ending. Make sure they are looking smooth.

Bobby Pin Style

This style is inspired by the ’90s. You can keep them in several colors or and shapes as you like them to be. If you have blond hair then the black bobby pins are your go-to look and if you have black hair then you can try gold-tone or silver-tone bobby pins. You might be able to find these in the local stores. However, in online stores, you will find them most certainly. So what you need to do is apply a bunch of bobby pins in symmetry to your hair. Firstly, center parts your hair, and then about two to three inches away from the center start putting the bobby pins. They have to be on the equal level from both sides and the gap between each bobby pin should be equal as well. It is sort of a retro 90’s look. You can pin marks on the next day. So you can do this hair-do when your hair is oily or you have to wash them the next day. You can use colorful or giant pins to get the look.

Hair Teasing

It is a volumizing hairstyle where you can have voluminous hair towards one side of your hair and have the sleek look on the other side. Firstly, roughly make a side partition of your hair. Now, from the volume side or the side, you have kept the major portion of your hair take rough sections. You need to take these rough sections from the length to the scalp. Using the backcombing or teasing method, create the bulge. Finally, brush them a little from the top.

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