Have Non-Greasy Hair from Day One to Day Five

Except for the curly hair people, some of us really suffer from greasy hair after two days of wash. However, washing them during the week in winter can be really tough. We need something that will make our hairstyle last all week long. We cannot get a straightening, blow-dry in the middle of the week, and it takes time. So, today we will discuss a few tips, certain items, and methods of taking care of your hair for it to last longer without losing their shine and have a frizz-free look. Here is what you need to do for all that.


Once you shampoo thoroughly the natural oil from your hair is extracted and your hair is left with nothing moisturizing it. Even if before wash your hair is oily you must apply an extra natural oil to your roots. Doing so your natural oil production will decrease as your body will see that your scalp is already hydrated. Therefore, your scalp will release oil on the four days, not the second day of the wash. This makes oiling necessary before wash.

Wash must do’s

Since you are washing your hair once you need to make sure that all the oil is washed or and you have moisturized your hair nicely. To begin with use an exfoliating shampoo with a shampoo comb. The comb is optional for those who think after one single wash they have got the hair nice and clean. However, for others who have to shampoo their hair twice, get this comb. It is a silicone comb with pointed bristles, rub it on your scalp after applying shampoo in circular motion this will remove the dirt and oil from your scalp. Be gentle don’t rub the comb on your scalp it will lead to breakage.


Once you have washed the hair instead of going to conditioning, go for the hair mask. On the damp hair, apply the moisturizing or nourishing mask from mid-length to tip. Now, if you have bob cut then apply to the ends away from the scalp. When the hair is separated from the scalp for a long time it tends to get dry and lose its natural shine. To hydrate it you must apply heavy conditioner to the ends not the roots or hair mask. However, studies have shown regular usage of hair mask has better results than condition. Leave it on your hair for 15-20 minutes to get maximum hydration.

Hair Styling

If you have short you probably keep them open always however long hair has options of tying their hair in a bun, braiding, and even a ponytail. So before you begin using the hot tools on your precious hair apply the heat protection spray once they have been dried. You shouldn’t work on wet hair as your hair follicles open up when you wash them. Once you have styled your hair take precautions for it to last all week long. Even if you have got curls don’t comb them out just yet they will open up automatically once you fell asleep.

Before Night Sleep

Tie your hair in a high bun if you have long hair and if you have short wear a silk hair cap on your head. Once you have put them in a bun wrap you head in a satin or silk cap if you are not using a silk pillow cover. In case, you have silk cover tie them and go to sleep. It is very important for you to not comb your hair the next morning. If you have wrapped your hair nicely the blow dry or your curls will naturally open up and you won’t need to be combed. You will not need to comb your hair every day if you follow this method every day at night.

Greasy Scalp

Now, somewhere in the middle of 3rd day or the 4th day will arise the need for a wash? So you will need to add some dry shampoo to your scalp and rub it on the roots. Rub your fingers in back and forth to give volume and remove oil from the scalp. This will ensure the lift of hair from the roots. If you are feeling your hair length to be little dehydrated then there are hair serum sprays that you can spray on your hair to bring them to life.

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