Hairstyles That Will Fake Thin Hair into Looking Voluminous

Considering how light and flimsy individual strands of thin hair are, it really doesn’t come as a shocker that creating hairstyles on such hair is every bit of task. No matter how much amount of hair spray or mousse you have sprayed in your hair, at the end of the day, your hairstyle is eventually going to fall flat and that’s the basic nature of this hair type. Their super-light and wispy texture doesn’t allow them to stay in the exact shape for a longer period. While we understand that not being able to create your desired hairstyle can be frustrating at times but you don’t need to feel disappointed yet as we figured out a way to fake some volume into your hair with the help of these fail-safe hairstyles.

Flipped out bob

If there’s one haircut that’s highly trending at the moment then hands down, it has to be bob or lob. These hairstyles look every bit of chic and bomb especially when it’s done on a heart or oval-shaped face. If you are one of those girls who recently have got this haircut on fine hair then you’re in absolute luck as there’s just a way to work this hairstyle in your favor and make it look as voluminous as you can. For this, you will need a lightweight hair cream. It will help in adding body and texture to your hair. After applying the product to your tresses, flip the ends of it either using round brush and blowdryer or by crunching them using your palms. Do it in a way that feels the best to you and offer better results.

Side-braided low pony

A combination of pony and braids can never really go wrong unless you are someone with fine tresses. Fine hair pulled tightly together in a bun or pony for longer duration can make your tresses look a lot flatter. But there’s a way you can rock that pony with an extra punch of side braids. To achieve this hairstyle, create two braids on both sides of your center-partitioned hair. Secure them using a pin or elastic band. After that, pull your hair together in a low ponytail and make sure to keep it loose so that your hair looks fuller and voluminous.

Loose side braid

Making a braid on fine hair can either turn out to be a major hit or it can be a complete disaster. And if you want to make sure that you always keep coming with the hits then instead of making a tight braid on your hair, try keeping it as loose as you can. Loose braids exude a very casual and messy vibe and this works perfectly for fine hair as it makes your mane look fuller and voluminous. Before making a braid, apply some volumizing cream to your hair to make it look more textured. You can also choose to pull out some hair strands near your ear to frame your face.

A wavy ponytail

One of the easiest ways to make your thin hair look a lot chicer and volumized is by creating a wavy ponytail. While there are quite a few ways to work your way around a pony and make it look volumized, we picked the simplest and possibly the easiest way to add volume to your sleek ponytail. After tying your hair together in a neat ponytail, take your curling iron, divide your pony into three sections, and create some loose waves. Using light hand movement, shake your ponytail and it will instantly look fuller.

Low messy loose bun

Here we would like to emphasize messy because it is the key to adding extra volume and puffiness to your hair. Similarly, low loose buns work wonderfully for every hair type. It instantly makes you look a lot chicer and stylish. But when it comes to fine hair, you will have to keep the bun as loose and messy as you can. Before putting your hair in a bun, backcomb the crown area to add some volume to the top. After completing the bun, pull out some face-framing tendrils to make your messy hair bun look even messier (in a good way).

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