Hair Straightening Techniques for Curly Hair

People all of us are born different sort and kinds of beautiful hair on our heads. Some of us have curly, frizzy hair some of us have got straight silky hair. Well, these days we have tacts to make you any sort of hair into the manner they like. Suppose if you have beach wave natural hair or curly hair and you want them to be totally straight then you can get them using these techniques presented to you in the following steps. It’s just a learning process that will make you styling easier. So let’s get started.


You need to part the curly hair into four sections and make sure they are no tangle in the hair. Blow-dry your hair and make them completely dry. Once your hair is dried remove the partition and comb your hair thoroughly. Divide it again into four sections pin them. Lastly, take one section and part it into a thin strand, one by one flat ironing it. You might have to add some of the heat protecting sprays on it before you begin, to protect the hair from damaging. You will be ending with a silky smooth straight hair.


You might need to leave your hair wet for this so if you have just washed your hair you will need to keep it that way. Let it dry a little, not the ratio where only 20% of your hair is moist. So you can actually work with towel-dried hair for this. Comb your hair using a wet hairbrush to remove all the tangles from the hair. Blow-dry your hair combing your hair with a flat brush. Once they are all dried. Section them into four parts and spraying some heat protecting product on the hair. Since curly hair really need high-temperature flat ironing so you might want to be generous on hair with the product. Taking small sections you will need to work you’re the flat iron slowly on the hair. Once all hair is done spread some oil on hand and rub your hair tips.


Wash your hair nicely; apply some heavy conditioner to make your hair all soft and non-fuzzy. You need to deep condition your hair you might want to apply conditioner and use a wet brush to spread the product evenly. After letting it sit there for 15 minutes wash it. Finally, you will need to blow-dry the hair before blow-drying apply some oil not on the scalp but the lower end, starting from the mid to the end tip. Now using a blow-dry which has a comb in the front dry all your hair, you need to pull your hair a little from the end while doing so. Once all hair is dried, work with the flat iron to have silky smooth hair. You can give a little round curl in the end if you are not getting trimming.


It is apparently a technique used for 4C hair. This is the most curliest textured hair. So in order to work with these, you might need to understand that this hair is super curly and super dry. It so happens that the curly hairs are the driest hair of all. You might have to add oil a little extra amount to oil to have the proper nourishment. So before you add oil you have to wash your hair apply some heavy conditioner and rinse off the hair. Now blow dry your hair using a comb. Now apply some oil and deeply nourish it, brush the hair, after that work with the flat ironing. Take small sections and do it all. See your hair is super curly you will not get them totally straight, but you need to work with a little curl. Once all hair is straight, comb your hair in a wrapping manner and cover it with a plastic foil steam it from the top. Open it after 15 minutes and you will have shiny straight hair for sure.

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