Hair Partition for Various Face Shapes

Most of us have those busy days when we are stuck with the workload from office and there is just no time with the family and work to cater to your personal needs, so we decide to leave our hair open. Well, one thing that gradually happens or we purposely can do with open hair is partition. Make the correct partition according to your face shape can really make a difference in the way you look. Sometimes we are stuck with our forever partition that we barely think of changing it. A different partition can make a huge difference in the way you look. Shifting it an inch can really make a wondrous difference in your looks. So let’s begin with the form of hair partition you should try on yourselves.

Round Shape: Side partition

A center partition can be just the look for your face. The center partition will point the center of your face neglecting the circle or you can do a side partition or even an inch shift from the center. A direct center part can highlight the features of your face so, if you don’t like any feature of your face you should not do center partition. Even when the center partition is in trend you can go for a slight center partition that way you get the satisfaction of trend and make your face look good at the same time.

Diamond Shape: Zigzag partition

Diamond shapes have the sharp cheekbones so if you like them and don’t want to hide them then a good center partition of a zigzag partition can work for you. If you add some layer or curls to your straight hair then you can have a marvelous look. Most of the shape works well with this face shape you can choose any partition you like. The bottom blow-dry curl with side partition is the elegant look for this face shape.

Square face: Center partition

A nice neatly center partition can make your face square into something oval or round. It will help you have the sharp edges cut off your face with your hair making it appear thinner and nicer. You can slightly tuck your hair behind the face from one side if there is a good amount of volume. This way you get the heavy hair look on one side balancing it with the other. You can do a slightly away partition from the center. This way you get more volume on the side that you have stuck behind the ears.

Heart shape: Slightly-Off Center Partition

Heart shape face has a really difficult center parting. It is due to the center V on their forehead. Moreover, if you go for the center partition your forehead looks too big which was earlier been cut with the help of the V. So what you need to do is make a side partition or a slight shifter center partition. This way you cover the long forehead and make your face appears slimmer than before. Since you have the wide cheekbone you must not pull your hair bag. Use a pin to tuck them behind passing over your ear, not above the ear.

Oval face: Any Partition

Oval face shapes are said to be the most optimal face shape so, if you are an oval shape then you are the lucky one. You get to style your hair in any manner because you have the perfect shape of all. Mostly oval shapes don’t have any hampering features but if you have one of the none likely features on your face then you can style your hair inside partition leaning more towards the part you don’t like. This way you get to hide the feature and look wondrous. You can add layers to your falling part if you like. Inside you have an elongated face then anything which gives volume to your hair can look awesome. You can go for a zigzag partition as well.

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