Hair care mistakes you need to avoid during monsoon

The monsoon season and your hair don’t really go well together. It’s no secret that rainy season can take a toll on your skin as well as your hair. While it’s relatively easier to take care of your skin, your hair can give you a pretty hard time, considering it becomes very dry, frizzy, and crazier during this season. Rain water can be extremely damaging for your hair, and you know what makes things worse? The mistakes that you commit with your hair care routine during monsoon.
Being in the vulnerable state that your hair already is during monsoon, making a few certain hair care mistakes can leave your tresses pretty damaged and, that’s probably the last thing you want. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you pay extra attention to your hair care routine and steer clear of all those things that might be damaging your locks. Listed below are a few common monsoon hair care mistakes that you might probably be making right now and need to put a full stop to them.

Washing your hair daily

Washing your hair daily is one of the biggest beauty sins to commit, irrespective of the season. But when you continue doing it during monsoon as well, perhaps you don’t realize it, but indirectly you end up inviting a lot of other hair issues. Washing your locks every day can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it frizzy and dry. Therefore, wash your hair just twice or thrice a week, depending on your hair type.

Not washing your hair after getting drenched in rain

Rain water can be very damaging to your hair. Apart from making your hair super frizzy, it also invites several other problems, including annoying dandruff and itchy scalp. Therefore, the next time you end up getting drenched in rain, make sure to take a shower and wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to clean your scalp and make your hair feel fresh again.

Forgetting to apply conditioner

Conditioner is often taken for granted. Not many people realize this, but conditioner is one of the most crucial hair care products. The rise of humidity levels during the monsoon season makes your hair extremely frizzy and leaves it dehydrated. And that’s when conditioner comes into the picture. In order to combat the dryness and frizziness, you should always apply conditioner to your locks post hair wash. Besides helping you get rid of frizziness, a conditioner also helps in nourishing your hair and protects it from further damage. You can also choose to use a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair protected from rain damage.

Letting the oil sit on your hair for an extended duration

While treating your hair to a relaxing hot oil massage is very beneficial for your hair, which not only promotes hair growth but also feeds your locks with essential nutrients, letting the oil sit on your mane for an extended period can prove to be more harmful than advantageous. Instead of leaving the oil overnight, reduce the time period and it’s especially important to be followed during monsoon. Letting the oil sit on your hair for a longer duration can leave your hair flat and limp, therefore, it’s better if you leave the oil only for 2 hours before washing it off.

Using too much hairspray

Another thing you should take care of during monsoon is the use of hairspray. Hairspray is known to contain great amounts of alcohol and, spraying it very often on your hair can leave your locks extremely dry and frizzy. Although it might be an indispensable part of your routine, you should reduce the use of it during monsoon.

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