Get the Beach Wave Hair Using These Techniques!!

If you love to add those tangle-free natural curls to your hair for an everyday look this is how you are going to get that look. But before we begin you need to have some of the curling equipment with you. Moreover, if your hair is recently washed then, these curls wouldn’t last long. Even if you have super silky hair then, there are chances of them not lasting longer. However, we will not leave you hopeless; you need to add some texturing spray to your hair before you begin practicing these on your hair and be generous so that these sexy waves stay put.


This technique needs you to braid. So if you know how to braid, take three strands of your hair and move one over the other until the end. Now, secure it with the help of a clip. Take straightening iron and move it on top of the braid. This will give you those super uneven curls till the end. Make sure you take thin strands that could be easily covered by your straightened. Finally set it with a setting spray. A tip before you begin curling, braid all your hair. Now, move the iron one by one on each braid. Leave it for 5 minutes and open them.


Twist and blow-dry or straighten. So take a small strand of your hair, if you are blow-drying make sure the hair is wet otherwise with a straightener, spray some hair spray and work. You can take a strand and twist it till the end. Finally, blow-dry it in a downward motion for 15 minutes and you are good to go. Make sure you use a setting spray before and after. However, this will probably take a lot of time but if you are using a flat straightener then this can be really quick and easy.


Prepare your hair with the texture spray, if you don’t have a texture spray use some dry shampoo spray to give some substance to stick to the hair in a manner. So take a curling iron and wrap your hair in a circular motion around it. Leave it for 3-4 seconds and open it. We don’t want to have those perfect curls. It has to look natural, which is possible if you leave it for 3-4 seconds only. In case you are left with perfect curls, wet your figure tips a little and move them upside down this will reduce the curls and open them a little.


Prepare your hair and use a curling iron. This time rather than folding your hair on it, wrap a strand. Now, moving in the opposite direction just remove the curling iron. This will give you a more natural look. But if you have long hair this might not get a curl till the end. Sometimes it’s fun to have curls in the upper section of your hair leaving the lower strands straight. If you feel like curling waves with the ends as well you can use the curling iron on the ends and roll your hair around it. Finally, move your figures through it.


It is the 19th-century technique; remember the deep waves in the hair. This is just that trend however; you need to open these waves as they don’t have to stick together in this manner. This technique gives you the chic waves of all you can wear these waves to a party event as well. It will reduce your hair length a bit but you can work with that. So what you need to do is take a straightening iron, make a wave of your hair and move the straightening iron on it. This will stick the wave in the particular shape, now you need to perform the same till the length of your hair. Make sure you move your figures through to separate the hair strands.

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