Effective ways to grow out healthy and lustrous hair

Our hair can be pretty demanding and it rightly deserves all the attention and care if you want your tresses to look healthy, lustrous, and shiny. However, thanks to pollution, heat exposure, poor diet, and several other factors, our starts to throw a fit and that can result in either irreparable damage such as dull, lifeless tresses, and split-ends, or poor hair growth. Our busy schedules make it even harder to look after our hair and give it all the pampering and tending that it needs. The more you take care of your hair, the better it will behave, which can also result in its growth and it’s one of the concerns that many girls have with their hair.
Growing hair can be a tedious process, however, when you do things the right way and follow the routine and rituals religiously, the process can be fastened. When was the last time you took care of your hair? Whatever excuse you have, it’s of no use and instead of sulking around, it’s time that you take care of your hair for real and let it grow into long, healthy, and lustrous tresses.
Listed below are a few ways that will help your hair grow quicker and healthier.

Give your hair deep nourishment with hair masks and oil

One of the best and easiest ways to make your hair grow healthier and beautifully is by soaking your tresses in nutrients. Hair masks and oils are known to do this job effectively, which is why you need to start treating your hair with these products that will effectively treat it from inside and out. Use hair masks and oils that are rich in omega-3. Deep condition your hair every twice a week and also treat it to a hot oil massage before washing your hair.

Brush your hair daily

You cannot take even the slightest chance with your hair, as you never know when it will rebel against you. And if you thought that skimping on brushing your hair would hardly matter, then it’s a wake-up call for you. Not brushing your hair daily can result in some serious hair damage, let alone poor hair growth. No matter how lazy you feel to get up from your bed and brush your hair, you must do it daily to keep your mane healthy. Paddle brush does an excellent job to massage your scalp and improve blood circulation, which further boosts hair growth.

Split-ends can be a deal-breaker

Split-ends can be incredibly annoying and frustrating and they are also one of the reasons why your hair isn’t growing. If not looked after in time, split-ends can go up to the hair shaft, which not only makes your hair lifeless and brittle but also prevents hair growth. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks to get rid of damaged hair and split-ends. You can also choose to stop the growth of split-ends by taking good care of your hair and following a proper hair care routine. Also, avoid using heat on your hair as it is one of the primary causes of split-ends.

Don’t wash your hair daily

Greasy hair can be a problem but that doesn’t mean you will wash your hair almost daily. It is one of the worst mistakes to commit; shampooing your hair daily can strips your tresses of its natural oils, leaving it dull, brittle, and lifeless. Instead of regularly washing your hair, you can use dry shampoo to get rid of excess oil or greasiness. Dry shampoo works excellently to absorb extra oil and dirt from your scalp and makes it appear fresh all over again.

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