Easy ways to take care of oily hair during summers

While the summer season may come up with a lot of reasons to make you feel happy but that doesn’t really make up for all the downsides it brings along with itself. Beauty woes are one of the major concerns of the summer season and believe it or not but a lot of girls have to face the wrath of the summer heat which not only takes a toll on their skin but their hair as well. If having oily skin wasn’t enough, oily hair adds more to the woes which only make things worse. And girls who have oily hair can totally relate to this, hair turning greasy quickly and looking all flat for the most part are some of the hair concerns they have to deal with on an everyday basis. But you don’t need to feel disappointed yet as we may some solutions for you that can help you fight some of your hair woes.
By making a few changes in your hair care routine and following a few hair care tips, you no longer will have to complain about your hair problems again in the future especially when it’s summer.

Choose the right hair cleanser

Having the right hair cleanser is as important as having the right face cleanser. Summers can make your hair pretty flat and lifeless and that’s when you should start taking your haircare routine very seriously. The first step to ensuring that your hair starts breathing some life is by investing in the right cleanser which can help to provide some volume to your hair and make it look more alive.

Avoid blow-drying your hair

As tempting as blow-drying your hair may sound, we would suggest you to skip on this part as it won’t do any good for your poor tresses. In fact, blow-drying your hair can result in a dry and flaky scalp which can further prompt the production of oil in order to compensate for all the dryness that was caused due to excessive blow-drying. It’s no secret that summer heat can be pretty harsh not only for your skin but for your hair as well and with so much heat already trapped in your scalp, you wouldn’t want to make things worse by subjecting your scalp to more heat.

Wash your hair on alternate days

While washing your hair on an everyday basis may come across as the only solution to you but you have got to believe us, this is not the wisest and smartest thing to do. Washing your hair regularly can easily strip your hair of natural oils which automatically will result in excessive sebum production and that’s only going to make your tresses look greasier. Instead of washing it every day, you can wash your hair on alternate days.

Always keep dry shampoo handy

By now, you must know how important it is to have a dry shampoo in your vanity. In case if you aren’t aware of the heap of benefits a dry shampoo comes with then it’s time you know how amazing this product is. Not only it helps to absorb the excess oil and dirt from your scalp but it also helps to add more volume and texture to your tresses and make them feel lifted. On days, when your hair is feeling a little greasy or oily, you can apply a few spritzes of this product to the roots and the job will be done.

Avoid brushing your hair excessively

Brushing your hair is a good thing but over brushing it is not something we would suggest. You shouldn’t comb or brush your hair more than twice or thrice or else it can prompt oil production which can further result in your already greasy scalp turning oilier. If you want to see an effective change in your hair then make sure to not brush your hair excessively.

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