Easy techniques to curl your hair at home

Curly hair instantly adds the needed drama and glam factor to even the most basic and boring look, and that’s the power of this hairstyle. While some girls are blessed with naturally curly hair, there are a few of us who have to look for other ways to make our locks look curly. For those blessed with naturally straight hair, we are sure you must have attempted curling your hair several times only to realize that curling hair is no joke, it can be a tedious task. Not only curling requires a lot of patience but it also requires the right tools and products to make the curls look perfect. Learning to curl your hair doesn’t always have to be difficult, with the right tips and techniques, the whole process could be made a lot easier and hassle-free.
If you are always looking for ways to curl your hair at home, your search ends here. Listed below are 4 different ways to curl your hair at home.

Ponytail hair curling trick

This is arguably one of the easiest hair curling tricks for everyone, especially if you’re a beginner. However, for this trick to work, you will need a curling iron. After tying your hair in a high ponytail and securing it with a tight hair tie, bring the ponytail towards your face and let it sit on your forehead. You can either divide your hair into 3 to 4 sections or 6 sections, depending on the thickness of your mane. After that, take the first section, and wrap it around the barrel, release it after holding for a few seconds. Repeat this step with each section, and once you are done with that, let your hair loose and set the curls in place with hair setting spray.

Create the S wave using a straightener

For those who don’t have a curling iron at home, this hair curling technique is just for you, but you will require a straightener. A lot of people use a straightener to curl their tresses, and the results can be quite amazing. And if you’re willing to try this method, you should know that it’s quite easy to learn. But before anything else, make sure to spritz heat protectant spray on your locks. Take a tiny section of your hair and hold it between your thumb and index finger, hold the straightener just above the pinch, and then slowly push the hair into it, this will create a nice S wave, which will make your hair look fuller and voluminous. Repeat this step with each section of your hair, and after that, run your fingers through tresses to make the waves look more textured.

Sock curl technique

If you are looking for a heatless way to curl your hair, this just might be the right technique for you to follow. The sock curl technique works best when your hair is damp, so if it’s dry, dampen it by spraying some water on your tresses. The number of socks you need completely depends on the number of sections you will be dividing your hair into, which again depends on its thickness and volume. For each section, you would need one sock each. Hold the sock against the section of your mane on the top and twist your hair around it. Do it with each section of your hair and make sure to secure them with a hair tie. Keep them on throughout the night, and the next morning you would wake up to beautiful, natural-looking curls.

Headband curling technique

This is yet another heatless and overnight hair curling technique, and to be able to continue with this technique, you would need a headband. Much like the sock technique, it also works best on damp hair, so make sure that your tresses are damp. Wear your headband like you normally do and keep it around your hairline. Take small sections of your hair and wrap them over and under the headband. If any section appears loose to you, you can secure them with bobby pins. Keep your headband on throughout the night and remove it the following morning to flaunt those wavy and textured tresses.

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