Dry shampoo mistakes that are ruining your hair

While we are thankful for almost every product that we have in our beauty arsenal, including skin-related and hair-related products, there are a few of them that hold a very special place in our lives for all the right reasons. When nothing else comes to our rescue, these products are the ones that come to save the day and make our lives so much easier. And one such product is dry shampoo, which has risen to so much popularity in the recent few years. If truth be told, dry shampoo is truly a blessing in disguise. It comes to our use in more ways than you can imagine. Whether you want to get rid of those greasy roots or looking to add volume to your hair, dry shampoo is the answer to all your problems, which is known to show effective results every time. Because of all the wonderful things it is capable of doing, dry shampoo has become an indisposable part of our vanity, especially the girls who have got oily scalp. This go-to hair product is becoming increasingly popular each passing day and, as much as we are fond of this wonderful hair care staple, it’s also considerably easy to go wrong with this product, which can end up ruining your hair.
Listed below are some of the common dry shampoo mistakes that you might be making right now and how you can avoid them.

Not applying your dry shampoo from the right distance


It is one of the most common mistakes that most girls commit while applying dry shampoo. It’s imperative to apply the shampoo from the right distance, spritzing it too closely to your scalp won’t make any difference to your greasy locks and might also leave some chunky white residue on your scalp in the process. Not maintaining the right distance most definitely won’t help to reduce the greasiness, therefore, the next time you have to use dry shampoo, make sure to spritz it from the right distance so that it absorbs the oil perfectly and doesn’t leave any build-up on your scalp. You should keep the dry shampoo at least 10 inches away from your scalp.

Applying too much of the product

You should be very careful while using a dry shampoo. Applying too much of the product doesn’t necessarily help in warding off the excess oil at the roots. You should always take it slow and apply a little amount of dry shampoo to your scalp and only add more if it’s actually required. In addition to that, you shouldn’t use dry shampoo regularly and delay washing your hair.

Spritzing it all over your hair

When it comes to applying dry shampoo to your hair, you ought to be very careful with it. Instead of spritzing dry shampoo all over your mane, spray it only on the greasy parts of your hair. When you spritz the product all over your mane, it ends up stripping your hair of natural oils, which leaves your locks dry and frizzy. Also, instead of brushing your hair, massage the dry shampoo on your scalp to avoid distributing it to the rest of your locks.

Not using a dry shampoo before styling your hair


Dry shampoo is capable of doing more things than you can imagine, and other than helping you get rid of excess oil, it also helps to add extra volume and bounce to your hair. Every time you have to style your hair, make sure to spritz some amount of dry shampoo over your scalp and massage it nicely into the roots to add heaps of volume to your mane.

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