Do’s and Don’ts of Applying a Permanent Color to the Hair

There comes a time in every person’s life when you want to experiment with your looks, so what’s the best accessory you can play with, which will bring a major change in your looks, hair right? They are the natural accessory we can play with and if anything goes wrong we know-how, they will grow over time and you will have the normal look back. So some of us love to get a haircut and some of us get some hair dye. If you are not planning to bleach your hair then, this is the guideline for your hair care before applying a permanent color. Let’s begin with our post.

Hair Wash

Whenever you are planning to go for hair color, you need to make sure that you haven’t washed your hair a day before or on the same day. This will offer a lot of damage to the hair. Some people who have more nourished hair usually don’t see much difference after they have applied color on freshly washed hair, but people who have thin hair or lesser hair; they will feel the itchy and burning sensation on their hair. Moreover, when you apply hair color on non-washed hair the oil that is secreted from the scalp will offer protection to the roots and not damaging the scalp.

Color Mix

The directions are always specified on the packet, that you need to leave the color for 30-45 minutes. The mixing ratio of hair color and developer has also been specified so work accordingly, as every company usually has different sets of instructions. Now, before you choose your hair-color or dye you must know which volume developer you will need. There are four volumes of a developer 10 volume, 20 volume, 30 volume, and 40 volume. Starting from the 30 and 40 volume, these developers do give extremely good coverage for light shade. You must go for the 30 volume developer before going for the 40 one. If your hair has never gone through the process of coloring previous then you can get blond hair dye with 30 volume developer, you can also get a deep red shade as well if you like. Volume 10 developer is beneficial for people with light-colored hair and wants to switch with a darker tone. Volume 20 is the most widely used developer as this is perfect for covering grey hair and covering the already colored hair.

Color Application

Before you practice this at home, you must pre divide your hair into four parts. Which means first perform the center partition and then, further part the two half from the center. This will give you complete four sections. Now your hair must be tangle-free. Make sure you have nicely combed your hair top to bottom as when you have tangled hair, your hair color get’s a varied tone in that place. Never apply hair color directly into the roots unless you are doing a root touch up. Whenever you are applying hair color from top to bottom always begin from the midsection and move till the tip. Once, you have colored the hair sections apply color to the roots. This will ensure that the roots received proper care and lesser damage.


Since you have applied many chemicals on your hair; they are in a fragile state. Not too fragile but you need to take good care after the chemical treatments. So wash them with gentleness. Don’t scratch your scalp with nails it will lead to hair breakouts. So be polite and use your figure tips to massage the hair so that the product comes out. Make sure you use normal temperature water, not extremely hot nor extremely cold. If your hair is heavy it might take two washes to remove the color residue completely. So do wisely never starch your hair while washing or shampooing.
These are the dos and don’ts for hair color application for any beginner. If you are practicing it at home take help from a person who can follow the instructions or supervise what you are doing. If you are not sure don’t play with hair color, go for a hair cut. It’s a way better option.

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