Common smokey eye mistakes and effective ways to fix them

Makeup junkie or not, there’s something very likable about the smokey eye, which looks incredibly stunning, sexy, and sultry. We makeup junkies just need an excuse to sport smokey eye to an event and believe us, this can be one of the best things about your look, which adds extra oomph to your overall appearance. Pulling off a smokey eye is not that difficult, but creating it certainly can be a bit tricky. Even if you have never worn a smokey eye before, watching a bunch of smokey eye tutorials surely leaves us wanting to master the art of creating this look.
While most of us are always up for adding that smokey effect to the look, a few mistakes while creating the look can end up ruining its appearance, which doesn’t look flattering at all. Beginner or pro, these common mistakes can be made by anyone, however, there’s always a way to fix the problems.
We have put together a list of a few smokey eye mistakes and what you can do to rectify them like a pro.

Not doing your eye makeup first

One of the most important things that you should always keep in mind is to always do your eye makeup first, especially when you are creating heavy eye makeup look. You should never apply your base makeup before doing your eyes. When you apply the eyeshadow on your lids, the product that falls tends to settle on the top of your face, which can ruin the base. Therefore, you should always apply the rest of your makeup after finishing the eye makeup to cover all the fallout.

Skipping on applying neutral eyeshadow

Applying neutral eyeshadow on your lids is the first step to creating the smokey eye. It’s extremely important to follow this step to make the rest of the eyeshadows look absolutely flawless. Smokey eyes involve dark colors and the key to making them look flawless is by applying neutral eyeshadow on the lids. This trick won’t only help you to soften the dark color by acting as a base but will also make it easier for eyeshadows to blend easily, without creating any hassle.

Applying dark shade to the inner corner of eyes

While we understand your love for the smokey eye, going over the top with its application can result in your eyes looking tired and small. When it comes to applying the color to the inner corner of the eyes, you should keep things pretty light in that corner. Instead of using the same dark color that you used for the outer corner, stick to colors that are light and shimmery. This will make sure that your eyes are looking bright and wide awake and not small or tired.

Using the wrong brushes

When it comes to ensuring the right application of eyeshadows, the brushes really matter. Blending is the key to creating a flawless eye look and these brushes help in making the eyeshadow appear as seamless as possible. While blending is the basis of making that eyeshadow look gorgeous and flawless, which takes a few minutes to blend nicely, the brush can be a game-changer here. Picking the right brushes won’t only make it easier for you to blend the eyeshadows seamlessly but will also make things a lot easier for you.

Using too many colors

Smokey eyes can never look messy as long as it’s created the right way. However, some people go overboard with the use of colors and end up making it look a complete mess. Therefore, instead of using too many colors at once to create the look, just stick to a few focal shades that are actually required. Try sticking to the same color family, this will make sure that everything looks more put together and united.

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