Colors for Summer Outfits

Summer means warm days and pleasant dawn and dusk. These days bring a sweet treat to us, in the form of ice-cream. We love to relish these while enjoying the sunset at a beach or as an afternoon sweetener after the lunch break. So our summer collection is based on the colors of an ice-cream.


Pastel colors are forever colors they never lose the charm and just look fantastic. Soothing neutral colors seem extremely pleasing to the person looking at you. Try out mauve, rose pink or sky blue. You may use these in pairs such as rose pink with mango color works well together. The major pastel colors you need to follow are Coral Pink: This color compress to be both day and nightwear. The color is fun to play with, you can just get a suit or an off-shoulder dress. Mind it! Your look will be delicate and classy. You can pair it with black, silver or mosaic blue. Another one is Sunlight, this pastel color seems pleasant to look at. The pale yellowish color of the sunlight is something everyone appreciates. Pair it with the check shirt along with a summer coat and tan bag, black shoes. You are ready to hit the road.


There are two major for of Orange in trend this summer Saffron and Orange Peel. Saffron, the color name has been derived from a spice that leaves a similar color when put in the dishes. This color signifies the confidence and determination of a person. You can wear suits with the sharp-pointed collars or you can wear a floor-length dress with it. Accessories the dress with black, grey, or golden bracket, and the final look will be amazing. Some feel Orange Peel to be so as bright as eye-blinding, but the orange peel is a subtle color, try some solid dark colors with it such as dark green, black or brown. The color looks appealing along these.


Red is simply amazing the bright color. It surely not only omits the positive energy but also prevents negativity reflecting on you. Scarlet Red and cinnamon stick are the trendy ones. Get a suit with a skirt or a dress, pair it with golden or black accessories everything will be just perfect. Similar to a Cinnamon Stick color, which somewhat appears to a burnt red. Pair it with blue, brown and black for accessory or the pair of shoes.


Mainly three greens are summerish; Mint is the most popular color of the summer. This color presents a soothing look to the eyes and comes in every possible summer fabric. It can be paired with brown, pink, peach, or black. It will look just amazing. Biscay Green color belongs to the minty hue with a certain brightness. It is a perfect color to brighten a dull winter morning or a day at the beach. Pair it with tan or black shoes with pink accessory and there is the look. Chive is another color that belongs to the family of Green but more intense such as dark green. This color resembles health and harmony. Usually, the color is used in utility dress but looks stunning in leather dresses. Pair it with orange or yellow maybe some jute accessory.


Mosaic blue appears to be bright light blue. The color in plain words is a Dream come true. It’s precisely a necessity in the summer wardrobe. It can be paired with anything you like denim, trousers anything the color will make the look phenomenal. Faded Blue Jean color seems so accurate for a summer dress paired with bold color and the outcome will be dazzling. Add on some accessories of tan, white or black color with it. Royal Blue color is dive in itself, get some summer dresses in this color, and use a similar accessory with it to have a more intense blue look. Grape compote is a somewhat purplish shade. It is what you need to go to a party. This holds the capability to stand out in the crowd. If you love attention then, this is it. Wear it in silk fabric paired with a sea green accessory and a pink bag.

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