Clever and fun ways to reuse beauty products packaging

Since more and more people are becoming familiar with all the harmful effects caused to the environment by cosmetic industry, which is a very concerning issue, a lot of people are coming out in the favor of sustainable fashion and clean beauty trends. Changing the way we lead our lives and working towards the betterment of the environment is a great way to keep things from getting bad to worse. We may not realize it, but the cosmetic industry also plays a huge role in affecting the environment, and the only way we can change that is by rooting for eco-friendly products and making them a part of our daily lives. Aside from investing in eco-friendly products, you can also consider repurposing the beauty products packaging instead of tossing them in a dustbin. If you are wondering how you can repurpose your makeup empties, take a look at the article below.

Dropper bottles

Dropper bottles are something we all would have plenty of them around our house lying in almost every other corner. Since facial oils and potent serums usually come in these dropper bottles, they can easily be found in almost every girl’s vanity, especially skin enthusiasts. Once the product in it gets finished, you don’t have to throw the bottle away, you can easily use it as a storage unit. You can use them to store your own oil mixture, tinctures, or any other liquidy thing. You can also use them to carry essential oil infusions for your skin and hair while traveling. As far as the label on the bottle is concerned, you can easily get rid of it by rubbing some acetone.

Mascara tubes

Mascara is one of those products that gets finished off pretty quickly, and we are sure you would have at least one empty mascara tube in your kit. It’s good you didn’t throw it because you can easily repurpose it. It’s quite easy to clean the tube from the inside using a little pipe cleaner brush, just make sure to dip it in soapy water with some alcohol in it. Also, don’t forget to clean the wand too. You can use this tube to store a blend of castor and avocado oil, which you can use to coat your lashes for lengthening treatment.

Compact cases

Compact cases are one of the best kinds of product packaging since they keep the content safe from getting exposed to the air. If you have an empty compact case with you, you can use it to store your DIY lip balm. Also, if you are curious to know about the recipe for preparing a lip balm, here’s everything you will need: beeswax, cold-pressed coconut oil, melt organic, and food-grade essential oil. After preparing this mixture, you can pour the content into the compact case. Once the content has set, it will be ready to be used.


Sometimes you can find the best storage units in even the tiniest of things such as your lipsticks. Who would have really thought that lipsticks could turn out to be such an amazing storage unit? It’s all about being flexible with your approach, and now that we know that empty lipsticks can be used for some great purpose even after using them, we wouldn’t get rid of every empty lipstick tube. You can use it to store tiny things in your purse, such as bobby pins, safety pins, small hair ties, etc. You can get rid of the remaining lipstick from the inside of the tube using a cotton bud dipped in makeup remover, and after that, you can wash it with soapy water.

Cream containers

Creams usually come in jars and containers, which can vary in sizes. And of all the empty containers you have, the glass container is something you should never get rid of as it can come in super handy. Since glass containers tend to be quite thick and fatty, they help in keeping the content inside as safe as possible. You can use them to store your pre-soaked makeup remover/toner cotton pads. After cleaning the container and letting it dry completely, add come cotton pads into it and soak them with your makeup remover or toner.

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