Chic ways to add volume to short hair

Whether it’s the lockdown effect or it’s the craze, many girls are seen flaunting or embracing short hair, which actually looks uber cool when it’s done the right way and complements the face shape. Not only it makes summer a lot bearable but is also pretty low-maintenance, which doesn’t require any upkeep. However, we get over things more quickly than we can imagine, and eventually, there comes a time when short hair starts to feel very basic and boring. Sporting the same look for a long time can feel too mundane and that is when we start to look for ways to spruce up hair a bit and give it a needed change without having to go for yet another hair cut. And luckily, there are some generous ways to change the way your short hair looks. Curious to know about them? Continue reading.

Add some lift to your hair

One of the easiest ways to make your hairstyle feel new and chic is by giving it a little lift at the top. If you happen to don the androgynous pixie hair, then instead of laying it all flat, try adding some lift at the top front to give it some volume. This trick will help you create a partial mohawk hairstyle, which looks incredibly chic and edgy. You can use any kind of hairspray that can hold your hair in place for a long period of time.

Add some texture to it


Textures are always known to work wonderfully for hair that looks limp and lifeless. And if you’re tired of seeing your hair in the same look or happen to have a textured short haircut, then you would find this trick to be of great help. You can easily add extra fullness to your hair by taking bedhead hair as your inspiration. The first step is to spritz a heat-protectant spray on your hair and run blow-dry through it, till it gets semi-dry. After that, take some volumizing cream and apply it on your mane in a scrunching motion, let the product air dry and you will be ready to rock the day.

Change your hair parting

One of the easiest ways to switch your hairstyle and add some volume to it is by changing your hair parting. Believe us, this will completely change the way your hair looks. Part your hair on the opposite side of what you’re used to doing. Try to keep the parting as deep as you can to achieve the desired look. After parting your hair, spritz some hair-setting spray, particularly on that area, to keep your tresses in place and prevent it from falling back to its original side.

Create waves

Give your hair a little glam look by creating some mid waves on your mane. While we know that creating waves on short hair is no easy task and it can easily lose its balance and look awful, using the right technique will help you to create waves in the right way and make it look as chic and flawless as possible. Instead of adding waves to the full length of your hair, create soft waves from mid-length to the tips of your hair. Try keeping the roots naturally textured and more your hair is hydrated, the healthier and bouncier it will look.

Coloring might help

Another great way to spruce up the look of your hair is by adding some color to it. You can either opt for chic highlights or go with shatush technique, which uses different hues of one shade. This won’t only make your hair feel new but will also add some volume to it by adding more dimension to your mane.

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