Beginner’s Guide to Glam Makeup: How to get a glam Makeup Look Right? 

Everyone loves natural makeup look but when you have to hit something fancy nothing is more fascinating than a dolled up glam makeup look. Whether you’ve to attend a girl’s night out or a hot weekend party you can always dare to show the glam side. The bold eyes, kissable lips, winged eyeliner, strong highlighter game, and a more sizzled and contoured cheeks it never spoils to be a little glamorous. And to hit that glamour right you don’t need to be an expert even a beginner can achieve it quite frankly.

What does it cost to achieve a glam makeup look? Just a few extra steps than normal and here you’ve created that profoundly precise. With so many tutorials and steps, it becomes quite mystifying on how to get started? Here is our step-by-step guide to achieve a timeless glam up look in no time flat.

Step #1- Prep Your Face-

Before we get down to the real job, it’s really important to prep your skin. No matter if you’re willing to achieve a natural makeup look or a glam makeup look, prepping your face is something you can’t skip. For a smooth and easy application of your makeup, it’s really important to moisturize and prime your skin before creating a flawless base. The prepping of the skin includes a moisturizer and a primer. The moisturizer will make the foundation glide on smoothly whereas the primer will help in increasing the longevity of the makeup and will create a protective barrier making the makeup products not clog your pores. Thus for a flawless base, you have to prepare a clean canvas.

Step #2 A Flawless Base-

Once you’ve prepped your skin, it’s time to get those flaws a cover-up. To start with the foundation, make sure you’re using the right formula and shade. You don’t know how crucial the correct shade and formula is for a flawless finish. For a glam makeup look pick an illuminating foundation that provides coverage and sheen to your complexion.

To camouflage any imperfections that the pops even after applying foundation you can dab your fave concealer to get an extremely flawless complexion, it’s really worth for that special day. When working with concealer to hide your imperfections, make sure you are using a shade darker than your natural hue. At the end set all that with a loose powder.

Step #3 Contour your Face-

After creating a flawless base it’s time to enhance your features and sculpt your face. Contouring really makes a huge difference to your look making your look even more defined. Grab your bronzer and apply it in the upward direction to the hollows of your cheeks, sides of your forehead, jawline, and nose. Work and blend gently being sure of not leaving out any harsh lines.

Step #4 Work on the Eyes And Brows-

The standout feature of a glam makeup look is how you create your eyes. Eyes are a really important feature when it comes to makeup. For a glam look go for bold and shimmery eyes, a smokey eye look or a sparkling eye look both are a great choice. Before applying eye shadow, prime your eyes. Apply concealer to your lids before playing with colors.

The next important step is to fill your brows. Brows are really important for framing your look. Grab your eye pencils, pomades, or powders and work with light and feathery strokes filling your brows up.

Step#5 Glow Time-

A glam makeup look is incomplete without the dose of radiant skin. Highlighter is really important to bring out a more luminous look perfect for a glamorous vibe. Pop your cheekbones, nose, and cupid bow with that shimmer and bang on you are ready to slay.

Turn up the volume with a bold and crimson hue on your lips for that perfect pout. You can always add that extra glow with topping the lips with some gloss.

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