Bang on Lashes: The Correct Way to Coat Your Lashes with Mascara

Mascara is one such beauty secret that marks a huge difference in your look without putting in much effort. It instantly brightens and opens up your eyes lifting your entire look. Running late and still want to look your best coat a layer of mascara and right away you look oh-so freshen up. Applying mascara doesn’t involve any rocket science but usually, the correct way to follow while coating your lashes with mascara. Giving your look a final touch with mascara can lift your look but if applied reprehensively it can also ruin the look. So, application matters.

You might have seen no matter how much expensive formula you invest but after a few hours your mascara just wears off. No matter how expensive formulations you are using, if you don’t know the process of application even expensive formulations are a waste. And to be precise the follow-up steps don’t even cost you more than one minute.

The beauty feed will provide you the ideal way to apply mascara to make it look way more effective and last long. So, grab your mascara, and let’s get started.

Curl Your Lashes-

Before starting with coating your lashes, the first step should be curling the lashes. You must have seen mascara wearing off your lashes quickly and that may be because your lashes are drop-dead straight. Straight lashes don’t hold the formula effectively thus to curl them before mascara application is really important. The curl lashes can hold mascara for a longer time thus making it stay on to your lashes whole day.

The process may sound a bit scary but it’s very simple to use an eyelash curler. All you have to do is place the curler towards your upper lashes and look downwards. Once you see that all lashes have been gripped by the curler, close it and hold it in place for about 10 seconds. You will notice the lashes will look more lifted and separated.

Take the Mascara Wand Out-

The next step is to take the mascara wand out of the tube. Make sure you’re gently swirling the wand to get the product and not pumping your wand into the tube as that will dry your mascara formulation really fast. Opening the mascara tube for way longer can make the formulation dry and then working out with it will become really difficult.

Coat and Coat-

Bring the wand parallel to your curled lashes and starting from the roots and apply the mascara till the ends. Make sure you wiggle it up and in that way, you will make your lashes look bigger and separated. Wiggle it till the ends and starting from one corner and taking to the other. This will ensure your lashes look more voluminous.

Repeat the same process with your lower lashes. For more striking eyes and complete mascara look, we would recommend you not to skip coating your lower lashes too. If your lower lashes are sparse then go for a wand that has small bristles so that you can get a good grip.

Comb Your Lashes-

To finish off the mascara process, use a clean mascara wand or an eyelash comb, to unsnarl your lashes. This step will make sure you don’t have any clumps that weigh down your lashes and your mascara looks way sharper and cleaner. Sometimes, heavy formulations just tangle the lashes together, so combing will actually make the lashes separate and tangle-free.
If you want heavy lashes you can repeat the whole process with a second coat of mascara until you get your desired look.

Quick-Tip: To get more lifted eyelashes you can curl them again, once your mascara dries. This is optional but can bring a huge difference in how your mascara looks. This step will give you the compliment lashes that everyone will compliment you for.

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