Amazing ways to avoid VPL 

Fashion faux pas is something that every girl dreads the most. It can easily ruin your stunning outfit in just a matter of a few seconds. While there are quite a few things that fall under the category of fashion faux pas but today we will be discussing visible panty lines which is one of the most embarrassing blunders you can make with your outfit. No matter how pretty you and your outfit looks, panty lines showing through your clothes can easily ruin your look. And to save themselves from making this fashion blunder, many girls like to go the commando way which is fair enough but as good as this idea may sound, it is not completely a reliable option especially when you’re wearing a breezy flowy dress.
While thongs are also a great alternative to work your way with but there are also various other ways that can help you disguise panty lines without going commando. Don’t believe us? Go through the article and decide it for yourself.

Wear thick or textured fabric

As much as we love slinky, silky dresses, they can be clingy as heck and they are not probably the safest option when you don’t want to be a victim of fashion faux pas. Panty lines can be easily visible through a body clingy dress which is why sometimes you should just drop this option and instead go for something that has a thick fabric or is in textured material. This will definitely help in masking the outlines that you would rather prefer to not show the world.

Make use of prints

While solid colors do help in making your outfit look more polished and classy, but you should never underestimate the prints as they can come to your rescue in so many ways. Apart from adding a certain interest and so many patterns in your outfit, it also acts as an alternative to camouflage your panty lines and this actually works pretty well and effectively. Basically, the bolder and busier the print, the better it will do the job at hiding the panty lines. You can either wear a printed dress or you can sport a printed skirt which can be paired with a matching top or a solid colored blouse, do it as it appeals to you.

Wear tights or pantyhose over your underwear

This idea might not be suitable or easy to implement during summers but for the times when the weather allows, you can definitely swear by this styling trick. Wearing tights or pantyhose over your underwear does a great job at hiding visible panty lines by smoothening them out. They create a very smooth surface and make sure that no lines make a peek through your outfit at the back.

Give boy shorts a try

If thongs aren’t really your thing and you cannot deal with them anymore then you should consider trying boy shorts which is not something you might have expected but it’s definitely something that can help you achieve the motive. Unlike our typical underwear that cut across the butt cheek, boy shorts nicely cover the entire section and goes right under the curve of butt cheek without creating any unwanted lines and that solves our problem. So the next time you have to wear a skirt or a dress, put one of your boy shorts to use which of course, you can also buy in lace hem.

Stick on thongs

Yes, you heard it right! Stick-on thongs are a thing and this sounds both surprising and shocking at the same time. Shocking because we might have never thought that something like this could have ever existed. But now that it’s in the market and is accessible to all, you can give it a try to see if it works as amazingly as a stick-on bra. Just make sure to read the reviews before purchasing it for yourself. Some of the stick-on thongs can also be washed and used several times.

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