Amazing tricks to give your bob haircut a more textured appearance

As much as we love getting dressed up in our super light, breezy and flowy clothes during summers, that summer heat can be pretty unbearable. While we can be all sorted with our clothes, our hair could just be the next problem to deal with as it can feel quite irritating when those long strands come in direct contact with our neck. And that’s when the majority of girls decide to chop their hair off so that they can spend summers without worrying about their hair coming in the way or ruining their style and this also gives them a chance to give themselves a needed makeover. And believe it or not, but a bob haircut is the most preferred choice amongst girls and you need not ask for the reasons as, without any doubt, bob haircuts are one of the chicest hairstyles any girl could get especially when it comes to summers. Although bob haircut looks super flattering, they can start to look boring in no time.
You can easily prevent your uni-length bob haircut from looking boring by adding some texture to it and to help you achieve a celebrity-Esque bob for your next outing we have narrowed down a list of a few ways that can help you add some texture to your bob.

Use a texturizing spray

Texturizing spray is one of those hair tools in every girl’s arsenal that can come to use in so many amazing ways. It helps in providing some grit and texture to your hair which is exactly what we are trying to procure from this product. Post washing your hair, apply a few spritzes of the product on your roots, do it before styling your hair. This will help to add loads of volume to your hair whilst also adding a casual and beachy texture which looks very natural.

Dry shampoo to the rescue

Dry shampoo is again one of those hair products that are owned by the majority of women and you certainly cannot blame them because dry shampoo comes to our rescue so many times. Besides its amazing ability to absorb all the excess oil and dirt from your scalp, it also helps in adding texture to your hair which is an added advantage. Every girl ought to have this wonderful product in her vanity as it can help you add natural volume to your hair whilst also adding some texture to it. Spray a good amount of this product to the roots of your hair and let it soak on its own without rubbing to make your hair look voluminous.

Avoid styling your hair using heat

One of the best advantages of having bob hair is that it doesn’t require too much heat or sometimes no heat to add texture to the strands. While this most certainly depends on your hair texture but you can do your part by keeping hairstyling to a minimum and not use heating tools to let your hair stay in a textured form. Post hair-washing, allow your locks to air dry, doing so will help in enhancing your natural hair texture and will also prevent your bob from looking plain and flat. However, if you’re in haste and want your hair to be slightly dried then make sure to only blow dry your hairline or the bangs and keep the ends the way they are so that they look more natural and effortless.

Curl your hair in different directions

Another amazing trick you can try is to curl your hair in different directions. This is one of the tricks most of the professionals swear by as it is a pretty quick and effective way to add texture to your hair and make it look fuller. Curl your hair in inwards and outwards direction for a textured appearance.

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