A guide to combing and brushing your hair the right way

Basically, everything in this world needs some knowledge and practice to get it right. And when it concerns beauty, there’s always the right way of doing things no matter if you’re performing skincare routine, doing your makeup, or even combing and brushing your hair. Yes, you heard that right, there’s the right way of combing or brushing your hair and you shouldn’t take this thing lightly as it’s your precious locks that are at risk. Before we told you this, did you ever think if you were risking your precious tresses by combing them the wrong way? Chances are very minimal as it’s not the most common and popular topic amongst girls.
By combing and brushing your hair the right way, you will be able to prevent hair damage which usually results in the form of breakage, split ends, and tangles. Much like you would love to master the art of doing makeup, mastering the art of brushing/combing your hair would also help you in the long run. However, before that, it’s also important to perform things according to your hair texture and length. Combing can be both beneficial and damaging for your hair and to help you know where to draw the line, we have formed a guide for you that will give you a better understanding of how to brush/comb your hair the right way.

Start from the ends first

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to always comb or detangle your hair from the ends first. Comb the ends by taking small sections and make sure to not use any kind of force whole combing them or else it can lead to hair breakage. On the other hand, if you start combing or detangle your hair from the roots, doing so will move the tangled knots to the end and this can further aggravate the problem.

Be very gentle

The main key to keeping your hair healthy and undamaged is by combing or brushing your hair very gently. While we understand that dealing with tangled knots can be quite frustrating and it may tempt you to use some force but you should strictly avoid doing that and all you need is to be patient. Being rough with your tresses is only going to damage your hair or rip out some strands which is even worst apart from being quite painful as well. Therefore, you need to be very gentle while dealing with tangled knots and avoid applying undue force while getting rid of them.

Overbrushing your hair is a big no

Some girls have a habit of combing their hair every few hours and if you are thinking what harm it can possibly do to your hair then you should know that overbrushing does more harm than good and that’s the bottom line. It basically lifts up the cuticles of your hair which further causes hair breakage and often makes your tresses pretty dull and damaged in the process. Brush your hair only when it’s required to get rid of knots and tangles or to smoothen it out.

Avoid brushing wavy or curly hair

If you have wavy or curly hair then, by all means, you should keep combing your hair to very minimal. Curly hair is already very dry and brittle and running a brush through the tresses is only going to cause further damage them in the form of split ends. Once your hair has gotten dry, you shouldn’t run a comb through it to avoid hair breakage and other damage. However, you can comb your hair when it’s wet to get rid of frizziness and flyaways, this is for both curly and wavy hair.

Choose the right brush

Much like any other thing, choosing the right brush is also the key to keeping your hair protected. With different kinds of brushes available in the market, it may get a little difficult to find the best hair for yourself. But depending on your hair texture, you can know what brush will work best for you. Every hair texture has different needs and requirements; therefore, you should look for one that will work well for your hair type. For fine hair; a boar bristle brush works the best whereas, for curly hair; a wide-toothed comb is a great pick.

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