5 Hair Care Tips You’d Wish You’ve Known A Little Sooner

Hair is every woman’s the most loved possession and we all love to keep pampering our mane, don’t we? But, like skincare, haircare is a broader term and not only depends on good quality cleansers and conditioners, of course, you need good mild cleansers and conditioners but hair care is beyond both.
Hair care also depends on diet, genes, natural texture, and much more. But, after trying out so many hair care tips and techniques we know what works best in general.
So, as the title says it all, in the feed, we’ll be discussing 5 hair care tips that can turn out to be a real game-changer and you’ll wish only one thing, hope knew this earlier. So, let’s jump straight to the tips.

The Genes

Our hair more than 80% depends on our genes. The texture, the color everything about our hair is composed of our genes. Surely you can change your texture that we do usually through hair treatments such as Rebonding and smoothening but that is not something that will last forever. So, rather than taking the stress of the type of hair, you’re blessed with its good to embrace what you have rather than stressing over what you don’t.

Hair Oiling

We all know how important hair oiling is for our tresses. Hair oiling benefits your hair to the fullest. Shiny, manageable, long, strong, hair growth we all know the benefits of hair oil massage but what we all often do is using the hair oil as it is.
To enhance the power and benefits of the hair oil its best to mix something like natural ingredients such as fenugreek seeds or any essential oils that targets your hair concern more deeply. And, stick to a proper hair oiling routine and i.e. twice a week.

Combing Your Hair Before Washing Your Hair

If you’re suffering from hair fall the most effective way to significantly reduce the percentage of strands falling is to comb the hair just before heading for shampooing.
Now what most of us do is just going straight with buns or open hair to hair washing without even removing the knots and when you massage the cleanser into your hair, your strands are wet plus tangled and they fall. Wet hair tends to become weak hence fall.
So, make sure you comb your hair before washing you’ll be amazed at what changes this particular step will bring. You can work with your hair while shampooing easily and less hair fall.

You Can’t Prevent Split Ends

No matter what various hair care feeds say but you just can’t prevent split ends form showing up. Generally, if you use heat styling tools you are prone to split ends and the only way is to trim. But, even if you say no to the heat styling tools you can’t prevent split ends.
Split ends are nothing to be fret of rather just follow a good hair care routine and trim your hair regularly. It’s nothing you can do to prevent or cure split ends.

Scalp Exfoliation

We all exfoliate our face and body and why don’t we exfoliate the scalp. Scalp exfoliation is a widely followed step in the Korean hair care regime and we all know how beautiful hair they have.
So, what does a scalp exfoliation do? Scalp exfoliation helps in removing dead skin over the scalp and treats flakiness. So, if you’re someone who frequently suffers from dandruff or any other scalp related ailment scalp exfoliation is what you ought to do.
There are various exfoliated shampoos available that have granules perfect for the exfoliation process. But, the general rule applies, don’t over-exfoliate.

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