4 Eyebrow Tips That Will Change Your Look

Eyebrows are a very important part of your makeup and the most striking part of your face. Well-defined eyebrows can have a great impact on your face and can instantly freshen up your face. Also, eyebrows are really important if you want to have a youthful look at your face.
But not all are blessed with thick and well-defined eyebrows but when you have makeup with you who said you can’t fake it. In this feed, we have compiled 4 eyebrow tips that will help you change the look and frame filled and defined eyebrows.

Know Where To Start

When you’re filling your brows make sure you know where to start or even if you trim your eyebrows you should know where to actually start from. The starting point of your eyebrow can make a huge impact on how your eyebrows would turn out to be.
If you want to know the initial point of your eyebrows while grooming or filling this hack is for you.
Place the tail of the brush to the sides of your nose and your eyebrows should start exactly proportional to the sides of your nose. To know the center of the eyebrow, slide the tail of the brush diagonally and you get the center of your eyebrows and the same goes for determining the end. Slide the tail of the brush further making an obtuse angle and you find your end. This will also make your nose appear slimmer thus make sure you determine the location of your eyebrows according to the nose ends.

Know Your Shape


The next important thing you should know before actually filling the eyebrows is to know what shape eyebrow suits you according to the face shape. There are various eyebrows shapes and so are various face shapes. And, the shape of your eyebrow depends on the shape of your face. So, make sure you educate yourself before starting with actually filling your shape. For instance, if you have a round face high arch eyebrow works best for you. And, thus you should fill your eyebrows creating an arch.
The position of your arch should be exactly diagonal to the nose ends. The arch adds depth and sharpness to the round face, which generally has strong features, also make your face appear slimmer.
So, it’s really important to know your face shape and what eyebrow shape will suit you.

Choose The Product

Now various products are there in the market. From brow pomades, gels, pens, and pencils there is a lot of variety for your eyebrows. And, all do the same work.
But if you pick the right product type and the right shade you can crack the code for perfect eyebrows.
If you have naturally thin eyebrows make sure you pick pomade which helps to give a dramatic look. Whereas if you have thick brow but just need to fill the gaps you should pick a pencil that naturally fills the scanty eyebrows without making it appear overdone.
Also, pick the shade lighter than your natural shade. Otherwise, it will appear as if you have overdrawn the shape.

Light Feathery Strokes

Make sure you fill the eyebrows with light feathery strokes to achieve a natural effect.
BONUS-TIP: If you’re to trim your eyebrows make sure you consult an expert and not do it on your own.
So, these are some of the tips that will help you shape your eyebrows and frame your face. If your eyebrows are not done nicely everything else you put on the face will be a waste.

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