How To Wear A T-shirt For The Whole Week

T-shirts are the go-to summer style for the majority of us. One thing you can spot universally in any girl’s wardrobe is a bunch of cool and attractive T-shirts. Tees can be worn to get the low-key vibe and on the same side if you want to put your stylish foot ahead you have this versatile piece always helpful. We can literally spend our days in T-shirts that is how immensely we love this fashion ensemble.
Let us disclose an interesting fact about T-shirts. You can have too many T-shirts but still, you’ll feel out of a tee whenever you need it. You can’t ever have too many T-shirts. So, seeing such an immense love for our beloved closet piece let just try out wearing it in different ways so that you’ll love it even more. Pick any of your favorite tees and will guide you to how to style it for an entire week. Yes, one T-shirt for the week and that too without looking like you have repeated it.
So, are you guys ready for this fun and exciting challenge? Well, you’ll surely love to play with your fave tee. Here, we have compiled a bunch of outfit looks that you can create with your tee! Keep reading!

T-shirt With Straight leg Denim-

For a low-key vibe and a quirky casual look tee and denim is an absolute combo. But, let us just twist it. Instead of wearing your tee with a normal pair of denim swap your bottom with a pair of straight leg denim. Straight-leg denim is pretty much in trend. The final look would be sassy and chic if you just swap your denim. To complete the casual look don’t forget to put your sneakers.

T-shirts With Denim Skirt-

If you’re looking for a cute outfit idea. Nothing can beat this combination of these two pieces. As summer upon us, it’s the best time to slay this look. Throw your denim skirt on the same T-shirt and you’re ready!
This one is the most effortless look that adds a touch of glam to your overall appearance. You can even create this look much more appealing by tucking your T-shirt half in. Don’t forget to wear sneakers and style your hair in a messy hair-do. We just can’t imagine how gorgeous you’ll look in this outfit combination.

T-Shirt With Joggers-

Comfort is everything in summer and whenever we get time to wear that comfort: jogger and t-shirt is the first thing that comes to our mind, right? Want to run for errands and want to look stylish? Put your joggers and throw the same T-shirt you wore yesterday. We are damn sure you’ll kill the look. You can fold your joggers up from one side if you want to create a cool look.
For a slight twist, we’ll recommend you to go for angle shoes. The ankle shoes would be a perfect addition to create a funky and cool look. You can style your hair in a bun or keep it naturally open.

T-shirt With Formal Bottom-

T-shirts also compliment your work dress code efficiently. If you overlooked your t-shirt while dressing for the office, you are to be held guilty! T-shirts can go with any of your formal bottoms. Whether you will to wear a pencil skirt to the office or keep it natural with your formal pants on! T-shirts can go with any formal outfit.
To elevate the look you can accessorize the look a bit by adding your watch and a few pieces of gold jewelry but remember not to overdo with your jewelry.

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